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Slow Posting Today: Gone Fishing

Filed By Bil Browning | November 07, 2011 9:30 AM | comments

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Hey gang,

Posting will be slow again today. Eri-chan, my best friend (and bil-ERI-co namesake), is in the United States for a few days and today is the last full day I get to spend with her. gone-fishing.jpgI've already got posts scheduled to auto-publish today and the Ed Team has agreed to keep an eye on the site if other items get submitted, but instead of our usual hourly posts we'll be running on the weekend schedule mostly of publishing every other hour or so.

The funniest part of her visit so far? While she knew I'd used her name for the website, she had no clue how popular it had become. She's still amazed how many people are stopping her in public or e-mailing to thank for her for unknowingly giving them bil-ERI-co. Within a couple hours of her arrival, someone stopped us on the street to ask, "Is this Eri?!" after reading about her visit online.

A few contributors and other friends had a small party in her honor at Mike Rogers' home Saturday night and yesterday was spent just hanging out and eating mostly. (She's the best cook in the world. Try the gyoza.) Today we're off to visit art museums with friends.

You can leave her well wishes on this thread. She's been reading the ones on the other post about her arrival and talking to all the fans; I think she's rather enjoying the minor celebrity. *grins*

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Hi Eri, I wish I were there to come and say hello, and get a sample of the gyoza. Ah well, next time. Thank you for encouraging Bil and Jerame and helping them become the world-famous celebrities they are today. :)

Hi Eri -- I'm glad you're enjoying your visit -- too bad it has to be a short one. We all wish we could actually meet the person who inspired the -eri- into Bilerico. Hope you have a safe and altogether enjoyable trip around the U.S. and home again.

So glad you're here, Eri!
Bil's been such a great influence in my life- and I'm glad you get to see each other's faces again. (Maybe someday I'll get to see you both in person)

Enjoy the day! Scientists need to get to work on teleportation, because living so far away from good friends is really a bother.

????????????????????????????????BIL?Jerame??????????????????? Gotta love Google Translate, especially when it comes across funny!

Well darn, it did not come across. So this is what I said:

Hello, Eri! Welcome to the nation's capital! I hope you have a pleasant stay and a great visit with Bil and Jerame.

Eri, so glad you're coming to visit the United States and enjoying your visit! Thanks for being an inspiration for the Bilerico name. Safe travels wherever you're headed next.

I was going to offer you a bunch of best wishes and all that...but in the spirit of the place, I'll pose a question instead:

How's it feel to be part of just about the only thing in the DC Metro area to have an approval rating above 30%?

Thanks for your part in all this, and go have some fun already...

Jesse Monteagudo Jesse Monteagudo | November 7, 2011 11:39 AM

Eri, welcome to America! I am sure you will have a good time here with Bil and Jerame and all your other American friends.

Welcome, Eri! Hope it's a great trip!

Hi Eri! Hope you're having fun with Bil and Jer!

Hello Eri! Thanks for being part of the inspiration for one of the world's premier LGBT news and opinion sites.

Cool. Welcome, and here's hoping you have a great stay.

You see the sort of thing Bil gets up to when you're not looking, Eri? A fan-tabulous website. Ya gotta watch that boy.

Welcome home, Eri! Hope you love the way Bil's decorated :) hugs, Gloria

Annette Gross Annette Gross | November 7, 2011 11:21 PM

Hi Eri! Hope you're enjoying your visit to D.C. and enjoying your time with Bil and Jerame! Bilerico has brought so much news and info to us all - thanks for being Bil's inspiration!

Eri! Welcome back to the states and have a truly lovely adventure while you're here. Bil's best stories are all the ones with/about you. A toast to the fantastic inspiration you are!

Eri, thank you for lending your name, even without your knowledge, to something wonderful. Will you be a future projector?