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VIP Q Movie Picks: The Actor-Writer Edition

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Welcome to the VIP Q Movie Pick (courtesy of Where we ask today's hottest queer and queer-friendly filmmakers, stars and community leaders to answer the question:

"One of my favorite LGBT movies is..."

It's an interesting combination, the writer who acts. Craig_ChesterByAdam_Bouska.jpgOr perhaps it's the actor who writes. We've asked three of our favorite high profile LGBT actor-writers to answer our $64,000 question -- and not surprisingly they've chosen some great films (with terrific scripts and performances).

1. Craig Chester (actor-writer-director, Adam & Steve)

My favorite LGBT film is one of the first -- Parting Glances. It's one of the few films made about gay life and the AIDS crisis DURING the crisis. It's incredibly observed, funny, warm, and true. It's one of the few films that deals with the machinations of a committed relationship between two men and it's refreshingly 'grown up' compared to most of the gay sex farces that seem to dominate now a days. Watching Parting Glances reminds us of the most difficult period in our history -- but also the time when we had the most soul.

Discover Craig's hilarious filmĀ ADAM & STEVE (yes -- he wrote, directed and stars in it) and keep an eye out for him in the upcoming indie feature, Art & Sex.

2. Daniel MacIvor (writer, Trigger; actor-writer, Whole New Thing)

I would have to say that my favourite LGBT movie remains the first I ever saw, John Schlesinger's Sunday Bloody Sunday starring Murray Head as a bisexual artist involved with the straight Glenda Jackson and the gay Peter Finch. The film was made in 1971 and has the first male/male kiss in mainstream cinema. One of the great things about this film is that Finch's character is a gay man for whom his gay-ness is not an issue but simply a part of who he is as a man. And the scene with Glenda Jackson crying and eating fudge has to be one of the best moments of acting in film.

Watch the trailer for Daniel's wonderful new women's drama, Trigger -- a powerful portrayal of the connection between two former rock and roll bandmates (Molly Parker and Tracy Wright) who reunite for a tribute show in hopes of recapturing their once magical connection.


3. Guinevere Turner (actress-writer, Go Fish; The L Word)

My pick is My Summer of Love. What I like about it is that the relationship between these two girls is so twisted, and though disturbing, represents something we can all relate to: how utterly psychotic young lesbian love can be.

Check out the acting and writing talents of Guinevere Turner in the lesbian indie classic, Go Fish; enjoy the darkly clever Late (her most recent short film as writer-director) which is part of the She Likes Girls 3 lesbian shorts DVD and look forward to the latest feature film from her pen (co-written with Mark Distefano), Breaking the Girl (directed by Jamie Babbit and currently in post-production).

Do you think these are good picks? Please go ahead and share your favorite LGBT films below. Thanks!

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I love these movie pieces :D

Over the weekend I saw 'the Killing of Sister George' for the 1st time.

What a strange (but enjoyable). Made in the 60's Beryl Reid plays an alcoholic, middle-aged, lesbian soap opera actress, about to be fired from her role on the show, for assaulting 2 nuns in a cab; and about to be dumped by her naive, much younger partner, who she abuses. Her partner (Childie - played by Susannah York) is seduced by predatory TV producer, lipstick-lesbian Mercy Croft (played by Coral Browne). They have a love scene (which earned the film an X rating on release, thereby causing it to flop.) There's a fascinating scene filmed in the Gateways Club - one of the world's earliest and longest running lesbian bars. It's a film of it's time, and while Mercy Croft is portrayed as a sinister, predatory lesbian, Beryl Reid as Sister George is both monstrous and human, not remotely ashamed of her lesbianism, but hugely self destructive and abusive. I'd recommend it (only try not to judge it by today's standards.)

I agree that PARTING GLANCES is a remarkably fresh and well done movie. It is miles ahead of LONGTIME COMPANION because it presents believable characters who are not all rich and beautiful, living la vida rica. I watched it a third time last year and was pleased to see that it still works as drama and as an emotionally engaging film.

SISTER GEORGE is harder to take but I think that more people need to se it to get historical perspective. and the characters are, warts and all, representative of people we've all known. The acting rises above mere dismissal as homophobic dyke-baiting.

Our younger family members should take a look at both of these and talk and think about them. And SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY is a good part of the mix, too. Historical perspective is mind-expanding.

I am really enjoying your posts and look forward to seeing more! Off the top of my head some of my movie picks but not necessarily written/directed by lesbian/gay artists::

FIRE is a top 10Fav. Directed/written by Deepa Mehta. Her visually stunning movie and ability to bring textures to a screen is as if you are actually touching the quilt of Indian/Muslim/feminist writer... Ismat Chughtai.

SAVING FACE written/directed by Alice Wu. Based on her own story of coming out as a Chinese/American/Lesbian. Funny/real movie and wish it got more recognition then a LOT of mainstream "lesbian" films that always has one of the girls sleeping w/the guy cliche scenario.

A MARINE STORY written/directed by Ned Farr. What is so great about this movie is that it is not trying "to solve/reason" why lesbians/gays serve in the Armed Forces under DADT. The story will always be as individual as any other persons story. The queer community loves to embrace individuality as long as it agrees with them. LoL! Also it is so refreshing to see an athletic woman's body that did the hard work and went to the gym for it... portraying lesbians, instead of some pumped up, sprayed on and nails that make vagina's wishing they had teeth to bite them off.

My last recommendation is BOBBIE'S GIRL I'm always mentioning this movie because NO ONE has ever seemed to have heard of it!!! It is a children's DAYTIME television movie that was made nearly 10 YEARS ago. Rachel Ward and Bernadette Peters are lesbian lovers who take in one partners orphaned nephew. It's a BEAUTIFUL movie and the couple is so perfectly charming that maybe that is why it doesn't get any attention? Neither one is sleeping w/men so they can't POSSIBLY be lesbians in a movie!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and all the movie picks! Keep 'em coming! Yes, The Killing of Sister george is an amazing film. Really worth watching to give a sense of perspective on how far we've come and also it is just wildly entertaining. Also happy to see the mention of A MARINE STORY which was one of the top DVD releases we did at Wolfe last year. I would encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to come watch the trailer at the link below (and then you can either buy the DVD from Wolfe or click thru on the iTunes link to rent or buy it there as well):

Thanks everyone!