December 14, 2011


I'm the Red Kettle Menace?

Filed by Bil Browning | December 14, 2011 | 6:00 PM | comments

Every year I do a post around the holidays to remind readers that the Salvation Army is a rightwing organization that discriminates against LGBT people. It's an old boycott stretching back over a decade, but this year my annual post really took off. Read More


Sarah Palin: Unwanted

Filed by Terrance Heath | December 14, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Like I said before, it's hard to build a successful television show around someone who's unlikable, and has no discernible talent.Read More


Shaquille O'Neil: Cut or Uncut?

Filed by Bil Browning | December 14, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

During a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new book Shaq Uncut: My Story, Shaquille O'Neil answers the burning question we've all been, uh, wondering. You have been wondering, right? Well, okay. I'm sure someone has.Read More


Jose Antonio Vargas on His Gay, Undocumented Identity

Filed by Adam Polaski | December 14, 2011 | 3:00 PM | comments

Jose Antonio Vargas, the journalist who came out as undocumented in The New York Times, has been hard at work promoting a new project and speaking about where his dual minority identities -- being gay and undocumented -- intersect.Read More

NPR Tackles Mitt Romney's Flip Flopping on Gay Rights

Filed by Karen Ocamb | December 14, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

National Public Radio's Tovia Smith tackled Mitt Romney's flip-flopping on gay rights on Monday night's "All Things Considered," noting that Romney denied any inconsistency in an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan.Read More


Will Glee Be the Savior for Our Doomed America?

Filed by Adam Polaski | December 14, 2011 | 1:00 PM | comments

A Westboro Baptist Church protester condemns our sin and unwittingly advertises for Glee, the show that this year is most responsible for bringing gay teenage sex into the mainstream's definition of normal. Read More

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A Young Activist Perspective on Global LGBT Rights

Filed by Guest Blogger | December 14, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

For me, as a 24-year-old white guy from Spokane, Wash., this week was monumental. I've been working at the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission as Communications Associate since July. But this time was different.Read More


When Will Homophobic Tweeters Learn?

Filed by Adam Polaski | December 14, 2011 | 11:00 AM | comments

After its Adam Lambert testosterone snafu, GQsaid they've learned from the experience of tweeting out homophobic statements. However, their almost-apology has me asking a different question: How have they not yet learned?Read More


How to Explain Marriage Equality to an Idiot

Filed by Bil Browning | December 14, 2011 | 10:15 AM | comments

Tired of hearing the rightwing nutjobs claim that if gays and lesbians can get married, soon people will be marrying their dog or their toaster? Here's a handy dandy chart to help you patiently explain the obvious differences.Read More


'Groundswell' Movement Defends Muslims and Gays

Filed by Karen Ocamb | December 14, 2011 | 9:15 AM | comments

In our post-9/11 world, Muslims and Sikhs have endured extensive harassment and fear. One effort to overcome that religious bigotry is an eight-week reality show on TLC called "All-American Muslim" that follows five Lebanese families in Dearborn, Michigan. Read More


Alison Bechdel: VIP Q Movie Pick

Filed by Jenni Olson | December 14, 2011 | 9:00 AM | comments

What is the LGBT movie to watch out for according to Alison "Dykes To Watch Out For" Bechdel?Read More


What Could Once Be Private

Filed by Ed Team | December 14, 2011 | 8:30 AM | comments

"We don't know why porn stars should not teach children, why it's okay to watch porn but not be in it, why we should have to hide our involvement in pornography, or why we should be ashamed of it. These...Read More

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause

Filed by Ed Team | December 14, 2011 | 8:00 AM | comments

Everyone's favorite musician and filmmaker, Sean Chapin, is back with a queer spin on a holiday classic. Here's his video, "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause," made in conjunction with Gay Family Values....Read More