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Daily Beast Scolds 'Rick Perry Is Gay' E-book Author

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glenmaxey.jpegGlen Maxey, the first openly gay elected to the Texas legislature, has been getting all sorts of gay newspaper and blog attention for a salacious, rumor-based e-book alleging that GOP presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry is secretly gay. Maxey wrote the book with Jason Cherkis of the Huffington Post - though Maxey charges that the HuffPo spiked the book under pressure from AOL.

Saturday The Daily Beast made mincemeat of Maxey's arguments. Here's an excerpt:

Having not quite gotten the smoking gun, Maxey also relies heavily on innuendo to make his case. For example, what's up with those teeny jogging shorts Perry's always wearing? This Maxey finds very suspicious. He also hears the governor shaves his legs and arms! What's up with that?

Unsurprisingly, Maxey can be a little naïve about why The Huffington Post spiked the story. He complains almost relentlessly about how much work went into it - at least two months and heaps of interviews with hundreds of people around the state capital - as if this alone should give HuffPo the impetus to publish his account. He doesn't seem to understand what hearsay is, and when confronted about this, says simply, "I'm not a journalist."

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Maxey's also been asked repeatedly what the point of publishing is, now that Perry's presidential campaign has more or less gone up in smoke. This annoys him. "Rick Perry's not going away," Maxey says, pointing out that while Perry "may be off the national stage in a matter of months," he remains the governor of Texas and a wingman for the religious right and anti-gay activists. "The Tea Party has control of the legislature here in Texas," Maxey says. "They have a two-thirds majority in the House and the Senate. It's not over for us."

While Maxey's point that "it's not over for us" may be true, his attempt to ruin the antigay Perry by outing him with unsubstantiated rumors undermines the credibility of claims from someone willing to go on the record. And while he no doubt intended to use outing Perry as a weapon to strike a blow against hypocrisy - Maxey ends up suggesting that being gay is something negative. It would help if he had evidence that proved Perry publicly harmed gays while privately courting gay lovers.

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