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GOProud: The Walrus and the Carpenter

Filed By Bil Browning | December 15, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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I've always known that the Republican asshats at GOProud have some fucked up priorities, but let me see if I have this right... Let's recap their latest controversy.

GOProud board chair Chris Barron and Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia were upset after Rick Perry put out an anti-gay campaign ad. They took to Twitter to express their disgust and "outed" a gay Perry advisor, Tony Fabrizio, who openly works with several gay groups. LaSalvia went so far as to call the man an anti-gay slur.

LaSalvia-faggot.jpgShortly after it came to light, advisory board member Andrew Breitbart quit because the duo outed Fabrizio. Within hours, the Log Cabin Republicans condemned the statements and the GOProud board issued an apology, saying "We strongly regret the events of this week."

Today Barron announced he would step down as chairman at the end of the month and Lisa De Pasquale, the former director of Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), will take over as interim board chair.

Both of them claim they thought Fabrizio was already out based on his involvement with groups like Log Cabin Republicans and the Gill Foundation's OutGiving event for large dollar LGBT donors. They've both been complaining lately that progressives are too mean to conservative gays and claimed that we were ginning up hate crimes against gay Republicans with our naughty words.

The media, however, has focused only on the supposed "outing." LaSalvia, the Executive Director of a supposedly professional conservative Republican organization calls the pollster for a Republican presidential candidate a "faggot" and get off scott-free while Barron takes the fall? I swear to God, it's like falling through the looking glass.

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