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How Not to Prevent Child Molestation

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 01, 2011 12:00 PM | comments

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Adam posted yesterday about how Fox News got a teacher suspended for doing gay porn in the past. It's hard to tell which is worse, that someone did porn and yet kept on living or that a teacher had sex at some point in the past. Thumbnail image for kevinhogan.jpgEither way, the solution is clearly to ensure that he can never get employment outside the porn industry.

One thing that I'd like to know is how Fox News found out about this. There wouldn't just have to be someone who watches a lot of gay porn at Fox News for them to have stumbled upon this internally; that same person would also have to know the teacher in question. That's a pretty big coincidence.

Most likely it was a parent who decided to call Fox News instead of the school directly, and it would have made for a more complete report to include that fact. But they actually investigated the past of a nobody who was doing nothing illegal and then tried to get him fired, so the rules of journalism don't apply because this simply isn't journalism.

This reminds me of a case last year of a teacher being fired for posting a gay sex ad on Craigslist, or any of the other cases of women being fired from teaching positions for admitting to past sex work (legal or otherwise). Because we're stupid, we panic over the idea of people who have sex, outside certain limited cases, being at all in contact with children.

The fear seems to be that if someone does a video with another adult for some cash that means they're going to molest children, which stems from a mistaken belief that there are certain sexual acts that are normal and others that are abnormal, and once someone does one of the abnormal ones they risk doing all of them.

It's a flawed understanding of sexuality, and strangely Manichaean: there are good guys and bad guys; the good guys only do good while the bad guys only do bad and if we could just isolate and eliminate the bad guys, nothing bad would ever happen again.

This rule puts gay teachers at a disadvantage since homosexuality itself is considered extra-sexual and extra-kinky, no matter how boring it may be in reality, as we saw last year when a teaching assistant was removed from a school for coming out in class. Grad schools are still telling young teachers not to come out at school, which is deplorable, and Fox News is helping making the case for why.

Amazingly, teachers and coaches who actually rape children get a pass so long as they have a good reputation and the right connections, while teachers and coaches like the one Adam posted on get fired out of fear that they'll be too sexual around children even though they haven't done anything wrong. When we're looking for monsters (and incorrectly labeling people monsters), we have a tendency to overlook supposed heroes who are committing monstrous acts.

That makes it a question of power, connections, and privilege, which makes what Fox News did even more infuriating.

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