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It's All in the Framing

Filed By Bil Browning | December 05, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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I get so sick of mainstream media finding ways to paint all LGBT news stories as antagonistic. Whether it's bringing on some rightwing fundie nutjob to bleat about God and the children as a "balanced opinion" or simple word choices, boxing-gloves.jpgthe media has always been one of the biggest players throwing up hurdles to our movement.

Case in point: A story from the Dallas Morning News about a lesbian veteran who was harassed by an evangelical nurse at the VA hospital. Seeking treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, the former Marine was subjected to a two hour diatribe about her sexuality and sinful nature. The nurse claimed that if the lesbian turned straight, she's be cured - which, of course, flies in the face of all medical knowledge.

The News paints the medical malpractice claims this way:

The accusation has led to an investigation by the VA hospital, nurse Lincy Pandithurai's removal from patient care and a raging Internet debate between fundamentalist Christians and gay advocates.

Really? There's a "raging debate" going? On what? Where's this debate? A petition was started on that quickly gained over 16,000 signatures, but those are hardly only LGBT people and there isn't a "Damn those gays for wanting qualified health care!" petition. There's a small Facebook group in support of the nurse, but that's standard operating procedure anymore; it's become as commonplace as a petition. The group has 35 "likes."

Raging debate? Or sensationalistic journalism? You decide.

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