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Listen: 'Rick Perry Is Gay' E-book Author Talks

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Glen Maxey, the author of the controversial e-book that claims Rick Perry is a closetcase, has deservedly come under fire for his use of innuendo and hearsay instead of documented facts and on-the-record sources. rick-perry-is-gay.jpegVeteran podcaster (and regular reader) John Selig had the chance to sit down for a long conversation with the openly gay former Texas state legislator.

Glen Maxey has been involved in Texas government for thirty years as an aide to a state senator, as the founder and first Executive Director of the Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby of Texas and as the first openly gay state legislator in the Texas House of Representatives. He was close friends with legendary Governor Ann Richards and had a rather interesting confrontation with Governor George W. Bush on the House floor just before Bush threw his hat into the ring for the Presidency...

Since June, Maxey had been working with a reporter from The Huffington Post to make public same-sex trysts that Governor Rick Perry has been having for decades. The Huffington Post was all set to run the story with approvals from editors, Howard Fineman and Arianna Huffington, when parent company AOL's attorneys killed the story because they were afraid of Perry Campaign Lawsuits. Glen Maxey had over 3,000 emails and texts that he had amassed with contacts and sources. He decided to publish the story himself. Many of the sources are people that Glen has known for 25-35 years.

I spent 3 hours speaking with Glen Maxey in one of the most incredible conversations I have ever had for the podcast and in general. I cannot recommend these three episodes highly enough whether or not you live in Texas... Regardless of where you live you will find these episodes fascinating.

Each podcast is an hour long, so I'd suggest downloading all three and saving them for the commute back and forth to work or the long drive home from the holiday vacations. Links to the podcasts plus descriptions of each one are after the break.

You can download or stream all three episodes directly off the podcast blog or download them from iTunes. Descriptions of the episodes provided by Selig.

Episode 75 - Maxey Part 1

Episode 75 covers Glen's years as an aid to a well respected long-term Texas State Senator, Glen's work at derailing a dangerous AIDS quarantine that could have literally picked up gay people in the mid 1980s who had HIV and isolated them until they were no longer infectious (the rest of their lives) without due process. (Glen Maxey was able to derail the legislation which didn't exist anywhere else in the nation and his success became a national news story.) Glen also founded and became the first Executive Director of the Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby of Texas.

In listening to episode 75 you will garner an understanding of how:

  • Lobbyists control the legislative process (the examples are in Texas but the process is similar around the country on the national level)
  • How laws are enacted and killed and how little legislators know about what is contained in the laws and their amendments
  • How the wheeling and dealing actually takes place in government - who has the power, how favors are granted and collected
  • I found this part of our conversation both fascinating and eye-opening. As somebody who spends a great deal of time studying politics I was blown away by Glen's stories of what really takes place.

Episode 76 - Maxey Part 2

Episode 76 covers Glen's friendship with legendary Governor Ann Richards, his running for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives, being sworn in by Ann Richards, and other legislators moving their desks on the house floor on Glen's first day so that they wouldn't have to sit next to the homosexual. He describes his accomplishments and a confrontation with Governor George W. Bush on the House floor just before he launched his presidential campaign. This episode is extremely funny with Glen sharing one funny story with his close friend after another. She literally had his balls for 12 years (you will have to listen to find out how). For the first time in the history of the state of Texas the Governor swore in a legislator.

Episode 77 - Maxey Part 3

Episode 77 is the episode where Glen goes into vivid detail about assisting a Huffington Post journalist uncover the story of Rick Perry's same-sex trysts going back decades. The Huffington Post was all set to publish the story but their owns AOL forced them to cancel because of fears by their attorneys of being sued. When Huffington Postbailed, Glen decided to tell the story himself from over 3,000 emails and texts that he has amazed since June. This story sounds like a detective story. Given Glen Maxey's knowledge, connections and thoroughness I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time where Glen will have somebody willing to put their name on a affidavit and/or go before the media. I spoke with Glen last Thursday, December 22nd which was 8 days before his book was released and he had already had five new sources come forward.

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