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Rick Santorum Wants to Win Over Gay Voters?

Filed By Viktor Kerney | December 21, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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During an interview on Fox News' On The Record, Rick Santorum said he has a plan to win over the LGBT community.

Huffington Post reports the discussion between Santorum and Greta Van Susteren:

"Well, look, I have nothing against gay people. They have rights of every other citizen. But what they did in Iowa and what some are trying to do - 5705087213_0b29a12523-300x225.jpgnot all gays - but some are trying to do is change the laws of this country with respect to what the definition of marriage is," Santorum said. "We have a public policy disagreement. I know there are a lot of gays who are strong on national security and believe in lower taxes and getting this economy moving, and welcome them to join our campaign."

"But if there are differences, I'm certainly going to speak out on those differences when I think it's in the best interests of our country to have laws that reflect having men and women raise children and form solid marriage bonds."

Van Susteren pressed him: "Can you understand the heartache that many of them have when they hear you speak on something that's so near and dear to them, and your policies against them, and then at the same time, you want their votes?"

"Well, you know - you know, we can have a public policy discussion that says that, you know, certain things - our laws should be certain ways without seeing it as a personal attack. It's not a personal attack. It's what we believe is best for the country," he responded. "And I believe what's best for the country is to give children their birthright, which is the best opportunity for them to have a mother and a father. ... There are a lot of other important relationships, and I don't dismiss other relationships as important. But there's one essential relationship that's necessary to give children their birthright."

Santorum fails to see where he is so wrong on this issue. In order to win over LGBT voters, he will need to recognize that his stance is purely anti-gay and very one-sided. He would also need to accept us as equals and deserving of civil rights. I guess that's a great place for him to start.

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