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Slow Posting: My Vanity Smurf Moment

Filed By Bil Browning | December 21, 2011 3:15 PM | comments

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Sorry things have been a little slow this morning/afternoon on the site. The New York Times is doing a piece on my Salvation Army post going viral this year and I had to meet a photographer in my neighborhood to take some photos.

I'm not normally a vain person. Anyone who knows me will say I'm regularly unshaven, always wear a t-shirt, and, while I'm not a slob, I'm definitely "relaxed." Don't like how I look? vanity-smurf.jpegThat's your problem.

That said, I have spent three days obsessing about these photos since I've never been the most photogenic. What should I wear? I put the question out on Facebook and Twitter. Should I smile? Look serious? I've got to get a haircut! It's the fucking Times!

So this morning I ran for a trim and then home to shower. A few minutes after I'd cleaned up, the photographer was calling to do the shoot. While he wanted to shoot at Rancho Bilerico, the two cats, dog, and general mess automatically ruled that out. So we ended up at the local Starbucks (also known as my second office) to take the photos.

I'm super excited to see what the photo they eventually choose looks like. For those of you who offered suggestions on what to wear, I followed the majority advise - jeans, colorful t-shirt, and a jacket over the top.

The story should come out on Saturday. The reporter, Mark Oppenheimer, wrote the big profile of Dan Savage earlier this year. Already in his favor - he's the only major reporter covering the story to actually call me for a quote instead of just lifting something I wrote in the post.

Okay. Back to work. Real content coming soon.

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