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The Reality of HIV Criminalization

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Alex Garner, The-late-Bruce-Drucker-kisses-Sean-Strub-in-the-early-1990s-Photo-by-Karen-Ocamb--210x300.jpgmy friend and colleague at FrontiersLA, has a post up on the Positive Frontiers page about Sean Strub's new documentary on the frightening issue of HIV criminalization. Strub, as some of you may know, is the founder of POZ Magazine and one of the longest and fiercest fighters around anything and everything HIV-related. He is making a documentary on HIV criminalization - 36 states and territories have HIV-related laws - and is still looking for people to interview, including those who have been prosecuted or are facing prosecution, as well as accusers, people who filed charges or considered filed charges and others. (For more info or to participate, contact Sean at: Sean.strub@gmail.com)

The late Bruce Decker kisses Sean Strub in the early 1990s (Photo by Karen Ocamb)

Here's a snip from Alex's piece with a trailer from Sean's documentary:

Sean puts it very succinctly, "HIV criminalization creates a viral underclass with different laws or enhanced punishment based on HIV positive status."

People in the country continue to be arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms because of their HIV status and the majority of public opinion seems to believe these laws are acceptable. These laws are fueled by fear and ignorance and in the log run have a detrimental effect on the very public health they claim to be protecting.

Video after the break.

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