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New Year Guide: Top Ten Bi Gifts

Filed By Amy Andre | December 26, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Jessie_J.jpgWhether you are a member of the bi community, or an ally, you've probably got some bisexual people in your life - and they deserve holiday presents even if they don't celebrate Christmas! So why not give New Years presents instead? Here is my guide of the top ten gifts you can give a bisexual:

1. For do-gooders: Make a donation to a bisexual organization, such as BiNet USA, the Bisexual Resource Center, or the Bisexual Organizing Project. These nonprofits run on a shoe string, and I'm sure they could use your support.

2. For your bi friends who are parents: bi/ queer-owned LGBaby T has the hippest gender-neutral baby clothes on the planet. (And they've got some adult stuff, too.)

3. For bibliophiles: Bi Any Other Name, which has never gone out of print in the decades since its original publication, should be on every bi shelf.

4. For music fans: Pop singer Jessie J's (pictured) Who You Are, featuring her chart-topping hit Price Tag, is one of the biggest albums of the year. And she happens to be unapologetically out as bi.

5. For porn aficionadas: The Bi Apple is a XXX film about sexy bi New Yorkers. (And really, are there any other kind?)

6. For TV lovers: A DVD box set makes a great gift. But which one should you get? It's a tie between Glee, which features bi characters, and The Good Wife, which features out bi actor Alan Cumming. Since you're buying for bi, get both!

7. For friends who are poly: Not all bisexuals are polyamorous (and vice versa) - but some are. Tristan Taormino's Opening Up is a great book for those who are in open relationships, or curious about them.

8. For friends who are unemployed or underemployed: There's not a lot of research on this, but what little there is shows that bisexuals have higher rates of unemployment, compared to our monosexual counterparts. For your friends who are on the job market and want to work in an LGBT-friendly company, direct them to Out & Equal Workplace Advocate's LGBT CareerLink. While you're at it, make a donation to Out & Equal, one of the most bi-supportive national LGBT nonprofits out there.

9. For foodies, DIY'ers, artists, and the bi-crafty: Queer Food For Love may have started in San Francisco, but that doesn't mean you can't bring the Love and farm-to-table ethos to your neck of the woods. Throw a QFFL-inspired dinner party and invite all your bi vegan friends.

10. For everyone: We bi folks may make up half the LGB population, but with studies showing that we are more stigmatized than any other sexual orientation group, it seems that we get the lion's share of 'phobic violence! One of the best things you can give the bisexual people in your life is the gift of your time and support. Let your bi friends and loved ones know that you hear and honor their identity terms, and the terms by which they live their lives.

Happy holidays!

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