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Another Rabid Conspiracy Theory

Filed By Bil Browning | February 07, 2012 9:31 AM | comments

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Tags: conspiracy theories, Dan Savage, glitterbomb, Katrina Rose, Maryland

"What then does this say about the silence of non-trans gay men and lesbians regarding an elite handful of gay male bloggers who (to maximize gay animosity toward the notion of any energy being expended on the more legitimate of the two bills currently being considered in Maryland, perhaps?) lie through their teeth about trans participation in an event that may or may not have actually happened and then not only refuse to acknowlege [sic] the inaccuracies but go further and claim that the lies were justified because, to them, trans people have it coming?"

-- Trans mafia leader Katrina Rose continuing her online cascade of conspiracy theories claiming several gay bloggers defended Dan Savage to prevent gender identity nondiscrimination laws from passing in Maryland. Rose regularly savages gays and lesbians and stirs up trans animosity on both sides. By spinning the glittering of Savage into a trans vs gays issue, Rose is able to breed friction while attracting attention to herself.

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