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10 Questions for Indiana's Most Not-Gay State Senator Brent Waltz

Filed By Bil Browning | March 12, 2012 2:30 PM | comments

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Since the ever-so-not-gay sharp dressing state senator Brent Waltz is running in a re-shaped district against Indiana's most pro-gay politician, Mary Ann Sullivan, brent-waltz-closet-case.jpgI thought I'd update these ten questions I published in early 2008. Waltz never did respond to me then. I'm doubtful he will this time either, but I always like to give him the opportunity to come out with some answers.

  1. If I wanted to inherit a small fortune from an older gay man, should I sleep with him?
  2. While attending an all male college, did you ever assume a position that might have aroused parts of the student body?
  3. After your grandstanding speech in the state Senate against marriage equality, were the other legislators stunned by your oratory prowess? I hear when you open your mouth grown men quiver and shake in awe of your skills.
  4. As an up-and-coming politician, your career reminds me of Shakespeare's political plays. I especially like Hamlet when Queen Gertrude tells him, "The lady protests too much, methinks." Is Hamlet your favorite too?
  5. While you told the Indy Star in 2008 that you don't really live in the district and only use your condo for the bedroom, do you entertain guests often? Do they only spend the night too?
  6. Have you ever considered if growing a beard would further your career with other lawmakers?
  7. When decorating my new home, should I follow your lead and go minimalist? I'm positive your interior decorating skills must match your fashion tastes. After all, an eye for beautiful colors and fabrics surely translates well.
  8. Your primary opponent insists you live with your parents. Do you still have to ask them for permission to have slumber parties with other young Republicans?
  9. Which former or current Republican politician do you most emulate and admire? Sarah Palin? David Drier? Larry Craig? Or maybe you'd like to veer off the primrose path and go with Marcus Bachmann?
  10. Have you convinced your parents that 'bear-hunting' refers to an interest in the wilderness, despite the fact you prefer to carry a handgun to the Statehouse in case a big bad homosexual happens to wander by?

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