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Channeled Beings & Extra-Terrestrials Endorse Same-Sex Love

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The year is 2012, so I know if you are reading this you know that this is the year the Mayan calendar ends and the doom's day predictions. Earth_precession.jpgYou may also know that many people in the metaphysical woo woo world see this time, not as a time of doom, but as a time of evolution. The ultimate consciousness raising party as we return to a time that values the divine feminine and right brain ways of being--holistic, creative, unified.

According to some of the theories, the earth has a 26,000 year axis rotational cycle, called "precession" that we're completing. For 13,000 years we rotate away from the sun and for 13,000 years we rotate towards the light. The 13,000 years away we dive into masculine ways of being left brain - separation consciousness. The 13,000 back towards the sun brings back unity consciousness and oneness. I know this might sound like cosmic male bashing. It's not.

"Precessional movement of the Earth. The Earth rotates (white arrows) once a day about its axis of rotation (red). This axis itself rotates slowly (white circle), completing a rotation in approximately 26,000 years." --Wikipedia

Each one of us has our own divine feminine and sacred masculine within. In fact, LGBT people have been trying to explain this for years, at least the past 60 years or so according to the channel Tobias. Tobias, as channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe, says that 60 years ago "blended beings" began incarnating on earth.

You may be asking yourself, "What the hell does all this woo woo stuff have to do with LGBT people?" or you may be saying to yourself, "I already know what she's going to say next!" because you already got the metaphysical memo.

"Blended beings" are LGBT people who have begun incarnating over the past 60 years to help with the ascension process. "Ascension?" you ask. Ascension is bringing us into the 4th dimension of consciousness, again a unity consciousness. Us queer folk signed up for a cosmic mission. You might say we are the navy seals of ascension or you could use the term "light-workers."

By taking on the assignment of blended beings, being gay, literally "choosing to be gay" before we were conceived, we are helping to activate the 13th strand of DNA, the unity strand. We are helping non-blended beings to integrate their masculine and feminine energies and to know their wholeness.

According to Tobias, "The Unity Strand brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness and allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive. It brings back into unity all of the old duality elements."

He also says that LGBT people have been "carrying society's burden of sexual karma," and that it is time that we release that and stop being the receptacle for society's rejection and hostility. He invites us to come out and heal our wounds and society's wounds. He even talks about the spiritual aspects of healthy sex, including same-sex love making - something that the Paladians, a channeled group of extra-terrestrials, also endorse. See the book Bringers of the Dawn for more on extra-terrestrial endorsements of same-sex love making.

This may all seem a little strange to you. "Just a little?" you ask, mockingly, but we are in 2012 ascension mode and seriously haven't you noticed that more and more seeming heterosexual men are coming out as transgender women? An increase in blended beings perhaps? These outward appearing misters are really our lesbian sisters.

I have seen a spike in the number of newly pronounced MTFs in my private practice, of all ages. It as though people are waking up, or like when the caterpillar begins leaving its cocoon to transform into a butterfly. Even young children are coming into this world clear as a bell about their true gender identity regardless of their physical bodies and society's gender jail.

Whatever is happening the consciousness raising is here. I for one am excited to live in a world that values the divine feminine and blended beings and what we have to offer.

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