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Dad, I Dub Thee!

Filed By Jeff Lutes | March 30, 2012 5:00 PM | comments

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In a predominantly heterosexist culture there are many forces, both social and political, that conspire to silence the stories of same-sex relationships and the deep commitment so often found within them. That's why I believe it is imperative that we share our stories about love and family at every possible opportunity. Here is one of mine - and I hope you will reply with one of yours:

The Christmas after my partner and I started our family was a memorable one. Like many new parents we spoiled our first child rotten that holiday season with nearly every toy known to mankind. Alas, his favorite gift was a pair of bugs-bunny-rabbit-hood.jpgrubber swords I bought for five bucks. We spontaneously transformed ourselves into brave knights and our living room became the set for a sword fight fit for Hollywood. Couch pillows became shields. Overstuffed armchairs became treacherous mountains. Empty gift boxes were now medieval helmets.

After about twenty minutes I was dangerously out of breath. In need of a break, I harkened a commanding posture and ordered my son to bow down on one knee. Using my sword, I tapped him on the right shoulder. Then I tapped him on the left. Finally, I tapped him on the top of his head and boldly pronounced "Son, I now dub you... a King!"

We continued our amateur fencing for several more minutes until my son stopped the action and said "Dad, now it's your turn to get down on one knee." I surrendered to his demand and he began to mimic my earlier actions. He tapped me on the right shoulder, then on the left. With a smirk on his face, he then enacted his grand finale with a tap on my head as he proudly proclaimed "Dad, I now dub you... a Queen!"

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