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North Carolina Amendment Recap & LiveChat at 3pm

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Today at 3pm Eastern we'll be co-hosting a livechat with Jeremy Kennedy, the campaign manager for Protect All NC Families - the organization leading the fight against the state's proposed anti-marriage constitutional amendment. Other chat co-hosts include Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, Adam Bink of the Courage Campaign, and Joe Sudbay from Americablog.

Also - this week the blogosphere is working with the campaign to push a "moneybomb" - a concerted effort in order to bring a national focus to give-to-the-cause.jpgProtect All NC Families and their efforts to defeat Amendment One. The money bomb will encompass a major social media fundraising push, state and national blogger outreach, the coalition campaign's over 100 partner organizations and others to build on the campaign's momentum.

"This seven-day money bomb enables us to do the most important thing we could in this campaign: educate as many state citizens as possible in as many ways as possible about the harms of this constitutional amendment, including communicating those harms to women, children and families on television and radio," said Kennedy.

The campaign hopes to raise raise enough cash to push them over the $1 million dollar mark, but the entire effort will require raising a total of $3 million to go on air with a fully-funded ad campaign. You can donate to the campaign's moneybomb here.

Need a quick refresher on everything going on in the state? It's all after the break.

In an underhanded move, the vote on North Carolina's proposed amendment will be held during the primary election instead of the general election. With President Obama unopposed in the primary, supporters are counting on Republican voters coming out in droves while Democrats stay home. Since this gives them an advantage, it's up to us to help get people to the polls and voting against discrimination.

Protect All NC Families has more than 30 experienced staff on the ground with 7 field offices. They have more than 120 coalition partners across the state who reach diverse, wide-ranging audiences and who have pledged opposition to Amendment One. The partners include HRC, the NC-NAACP, Libertarian Party of North Carolina, NC Democratic Party, the Alliance of Baptists, ACLU, Equality NC and many more.

President Barack Obama announced his opposition to Amendment One last week which marks one of the first state fights that he has directly waded in. OFA and the Democratic Party are mobilizing turnout for the May 8 primary and we are working with them directly.

A recent Elon poll showcased their momentum. The nonpartisan poll revealed that 54.2% of North Carolinians surveyed either oppose or strongly oppose "an amendment to the constitution that would ban same-sex marriage." Only 37.8% polled were in any way supportive of Amendment One. The poll also illustrates a dramatic increase in the category of "strong opposition" to this type of amendment from only one year ago, with 34% now voicing strong opposition versus 21.8% in February 2011.

Overall opposition to Amendment One increased even further when North Carolinians polled were asked whether they opposed an amendment to the North Carolina constitution "that would prevent civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples." Nearly 57% of North Carolinians (56.9%) polled opposed or strongly opposed an amendment on that basis.

The other side has launched their deceptive first web video. Meanwhile, Protect NC Families has launched videos from all five of the major statewide candidates in the NC Democratic Party opposing Amendment One.

I'll see everyone at 3pm Eastern to talk to Kennedy about the campaign so far and what's in store for North Carolina. I'm honored to be a co-host and with Freedom to Marry ignoring the fight, it's even more important for all of us to get heavily involved. They need our support now more than ever. If we can kill an amendment in the south, we'll send a clear message that the days of using marriage equality as a wedge issue is over.

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