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LA Mayor on Marriage Equality Plank: 'We're for Family Values'

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is in Los Angeles doing publicity for her new book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. (Read the New York Times review here and see her on "Jay Leno" below) During her show Tuesday night, April 10, Rachael interviewed LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who notes that he's been supportive of marriage equality since 1994. His cousin is the current openly gay Assembly Speaker John A. Perez.

About 2:00 into the 8:00 interview, Rachel asks about the controversy over putting a marriage equality plank in the Democratic Party Platform. Villaraigosa is the chair of the convention and is careful with the words he chooses. It is therefore interesting to see him "take back" and flip the terms "family values" and "fundamental liberty" that anti-gay Republicans have used against us for many years.

"I believe it should be part of the platform but there's going to be a process," Villaraigosa says, for determining what goes in. "I hope that plank is in there because I think it goes to the heart of who we are. We're for family values. We're for the notion that the government shouldn't interfere in the fundamental liberty that comes with the right to marry....I believe ultimately that our the Party will embrace the most forward, progressive plank on that issue. I can't tell you where the President's going to be. I can tell you where he's been- and he's got a record second to none on these issues."

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Rachel was also on the Jay Leno show Tuesday night discussing Rick Santorum dropping out and her book Drift and the gulf between military families and those who have no idea about that sacrifice.

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