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So I know I've been quiet for a while on this site, mainly because my activism has shifted toward working with youth. logo-gaygamer.gif(Frankly if I were to write posts about LGBTQ living and politics right now I'd be little better than That Girl Who Talks About Her Dogs All The Time, working with youth is that awesome.) However I did want to make everybody aware of a new project I picked up.

I'm the newest contributor on My first post is about losing privilege as a trans woman and a gamer.

A snippet of the article can be found under the cut:

I want to tell you a story about boys, girls, and macho bros raging at fighting game tournaments. But before we get there I have to tell you a bit about myself. See, I'm a trans woman and a gamer.

When I was growing up gaming was a boys' club activity. Which was great - folks saw me as a boy, after all - and blinded me to just how much the "girls can't play games" mentality had dug its way into my brain. I grew up with games about army dudes and starships and testosterone-fueled gore fests. Of course girls didn't play games! Sexism is like an ear-worm; it burrows deep into the unconscious mind until it's uncovered by some sort of cognitive dissonance.

I'd been lucky enough to know some awesome gamers in college who complained loudly about how women are presented in video games, but again, girls-don't-play-games was hard to overturn when girls weren't around to play them (going to an all-male college ensures such). It wasn't until after college that I got a chance to break the the spell by, well, becoming a woman.

Once the spell was broken I was forever ruined for the Old-Guard way of thinking. Once I was a woman, I ran head-long into why my girlfriends hated gamers. Turns out that some guys still hang onto that girls-can't-play mentality.

Anyway, tournaments. That's what you came for, right?

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