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Gay Oreos Bleed Rainbows

Filed By James Holmes | June 28, 2012 5:30 PM | comments

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Tags: hate crimes against LGBT people, homophobic behavior, New Media, Orea LGBT Pride Ad, Oreo Cookies, Rainbow Oreo, stereotypes, Taiwanese animation

Gay-Oreo.jpgThe newest video out of Taiwan's Next Media Animation takes on the controversial rainbow colored Oreo Cookies' ad that was released in support of LGBT Pride month. Are they clueless to how homophobic it comes across?

Things start out poorly with the title, "American Advertisers Say, 'Yes Homo!'" While that gives me a strong urge to work that phrase into my daily vocabulary for pure shits and giggles, it is just so obviously, though I think unintentionally, homophobic. But oh my, it gets better.

Rainbow-Oreo.jpgWe get only two representations of gay people in the video - a life-sized Oreo with arms and legs that is transformed into rainbow-filled by the magic of the other gay - a shirtless man with butterfly wings riding a unicorn.

They take things a step further and show a man vs Oreo hate-crime. A man wearing a sign on his chest (can anyone tell me what that is?) and armed with a knife, attacks the rainbow Oreo which is so gay that it bleeds rainbows. I knew that gays sweat glitter, but I didn't know we bled rainbows. Is that a gay cookie only thing?

Luckily the cookie survives and returns to the advertising office where the gay/butterfly hybrid unicorn rider arrives to comfort him - I assume they are dating (does oral sex with an Oreo require a glass of milk?).

Are they homophobic or just clueless? Their recent "House Faggot vs Field Faggot" video discussing Dan Savage and GOProud's fight is not only homophobic but makes light of America's shameful history involving slavery and racial issues. Clueless? Maybe. But is that an excuse? Check out the video after the jump and let me know what you think.

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