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Texas Justice: Slap the Bully

Filed By James Holmes | June 18, 2012 4:00 PM | comments

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A Texas kindergarden teacher has been fired for taking justice into her own hands and allowing her class to line up and slap a classroom bully as a means of punishment.

Well I guess that is one way to deal with bullying.

But seriously - who would think this would not get them fired? Is this a Texas thing? And since when has bullying a bully been a solution?

This shows a huge problem that still exists - many educators are clueless when it comes to how to deal with bullying. They fall into the camp of, "That's just how kids are and they need to learn how to stand up for themselves," or just ignore it.

I guess this teacher at least stood up to the bully - but in such a misguided way that she taught the other students how to be successful bullies. Corporal punishment (which is still legal in Texas), especially carried out by fellow classmates, just seems so archaic. Until we get past the idea that sometimes it is okay to physically or emotionally harm another person, especially a child, bullying is not going to stop.

Check out the report below. And ignoring the involvement of the other students, do you think corporal punishment is a successful deterrent to bullying, or just a way to enable it?

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