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Bisexuals in Shorts: Bi Short Films

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13_or_So_Minutes.jpgTis the season for LGBT film festivals, most of which include programs of short films. Short films can be fun, thought-provoking snapshots of our lives, and for many filmmakers, they are a way to practice the craft while getting their names out there. An LGBT filmmaker whose short film you see today may become the biggest queer director of tomorrow!

Bi shorts are an especial favorite of mine. Six years ago, I started curating a bi short film program for the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival. I called the program Bi Request. I curated Bi Request for the first few years, then passed the torch to some bi filmmaker friends, who continue the tradition (now in a program called Bi Candy).

Here are some of my favorite films from my Bi Request line-ups. They are still floating around out there in LGBT-film-landia, so, if you get a chance, I highly encourage you to check them out!

13 or So Minutes featured that rare bi film subject: bisexual men. This film is about 13 minutes long, an it's set in real time, as two bi men who have just hooked up with each other have a sweet and sweaty conversation about their identities and behaviors.

Shady Bi is a hilarious send-up of every ridiculous bi stereotype you've ever heard about bi women. It's a bi revenge comedy.

Hotel Paradijs just broke my heart every time I watched it. A trio of lovers fumble their way through each others' lives, The_Bi_Apple.jpgeach trying to figure out how to find happiness. Delicate and breath-taking.

And if you like your bi shorts with a little sex appeal, check out The Bi Apple, a bi-made porn set in New York. A young journalist sets out to learn more about a mysterious NY apartment where lusty bisexuals frolic 24-7.

One final note: This is my one-year anniversary of writing for Bilerico, and what a fun year it's been! Thanks to everyone who has read, commented on, and forwarded links to my articles! And thanks to Bil Browning for having me! Due to my workload at my day job and in my other personal projects, I will be taking a break from writing for Bilerico for the rest of the year, but watch this space in 2013...

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images: Still from 13 or So Minutes and photo from The Bi Apple

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