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Indiana Fundies Giving Out Bribes to Raise Opposition to Domestic Partner Benefits

Filed By Bil Browning | July 13, 2012 3:00 PM | comments

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Wow. You know the religious right fundies have truly realized their base of anti-gay support is dwindling when they have to resort to giving out electronics, t-shirts, and cookies to lure people to show up to an anti-gay rally. This time around, the Indiana Family Institute is trying to garner a crowd to protest Indianapolis' proposed domestic partner benefits proposal for city workers. Republican Mayor Greg Ballard supports the measure.


The e-mail blast included this note from IFI's Executive Director, Ryan McCann:

Please join us and a great group of speakers at the Stand Up for Marriage Rally, downtown Indianapolis, this coming Monday! Everything is free for you at the event (except for parking), so no need to plan on giving us any money (how often do you hear that?). We just need YOU, and feel free to bring your friends.

All the details are available in the invitation below. For additional information please "like" the IFA facebook page.

I hope to see you on Monday! I'll have a free t-shirt, some "Just Cookies" cookies, a drink, and possibly even a free iPod for you (we will have a free drawing at the rally) !

The whole thing reeks of desperation, doesn't it? Both national and state-wide polling shows the vast majority of Americans approve of domestic partner benefits and the IFI knows they're fighting a losing battle. I wonder if someone should tell them that Apple supports full LGBT equality - including the freedom to marry?

The flip side of the flier and more are behind the jump. You can clickety to embiggen.

As when they protested Indianapolis inclusive human rights ordinance, the group is taking a page from the National Organization for Marriage's race-baiting strategy by featuring African-American ministers while the front features an African-American couple in wedding attire.

The "Just Cookies" treats are from the homophobic bakery that refused to serve LGBT customers who wanted to order rainbow cookies for gay pride. After community outrage at "cupcakegate," the company agreed to serve all customers but obviously haven't given up on their anti-gay animus.


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