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Pitch Perfect - I Think I Might Love You

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Pitch-Perfect.jpgI got around to seeing Magic Mike last night, and besides all the eye candy - which was honestly not worth a $12 ticket - my favorite part was the trailer for the new movie musical, Pitch Perfect. How have I not heard about this until now?

This looks promising - the cast, music, and premise, but I am judging strictly by the trailer here. I had similar hopes for Joyful Noise, but even Dolly and Queen Latifah couldn't save that one. Can't judge a movie by its trailer, as they say.

But here is why I am hopeful:

  • Anna Kendrick - Before adding Academy Award Nominee to her resume, I, as I assume most of you gays out there, first met her as the twisted show stealer Fritzi from another movie musical, 2003's CAMP. She is by far one of the best actors in the movie, but also the character I most wanted to be - someone not afraid to poison the lead to save the show. I'm incredibly excited to see and hear her sing again.
  • Rebel Wilson - She was weirdly hilarious in Bridesmaids, and the fact that her character's name is Fat Amy, she looks to be a scene stealer here. But can she sing?
  • Adam DeVine - I have only seen him in his Comedy Central show, Workaholics, but I find him oddly cute, and I'm curious to see how he does on the big screen in a non slacker/stoner role.
  • The Music - 80s and 90s pop. Yes, Glee may have to drop a few songs this season, but I won't judge. I LOVE Ace of Base!

Check out the trailer below, and let me know what your superficial judgements are based on what the filmmakers chose to present to the mostly gay-male and heterosexual-female Magic Mike audience. I won't lie. I'm prolly gonna see it - maybe twice. It opens October 5th.

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