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Perfect Body Edition [What You Need to Know]

Filed By Rodrigo Ugarte | August 22, 2012 10:00 AM | comments

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working_out.jpegMany gay men struggle with their body image, not necessarily because they should. I'm not satisfied with how my body looks; however, not everyone should feel bad about their bodies not should they be ostracized because of how they look. I want to change my body, not to some skinny socially fabricated ideal but to something that makes me feel healthier. Falling prey to superficiality isn't healthy and shouldn't be passed off as something that's appropriate or beneficial.

When trying to define why gay men hate their bodies so much, as Orlando Soria tried, it is good to see past one's immediate surroundings and situation because generalizing about an entire group of people doesn't help the argument even if truth can be found in it. Yes, gay men tend to be vain and superficial but perpetuating that fact doesn't help any of us. Gawker points out how the previously mentioned article didn't fully grasp the argument it tried to make nor how it added to the issue, even after accounting for the piece's flippant tone. Now, having read that piece and you're either nauseated or self-conscious, here are some other news you need to know:

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