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Secession Edition [What You Need to Know]

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civil_war_cannon.jpegA call for secession! Ever wondered what this country and the world would be like if the South had successfully seceded? I always assumed it'd make the North move forward faster, both socially and economically. The South's secession still looks promising to many of us Northern liberals; however, in Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession, Chuck Thompson explains the current relationship between these two radically different parts of the country, who really makes up the South's population, and how it affects the country. Thompson explains in this interview that his argument for secession isn't one belittling the South but "an effort to identify these differences; to acknowledge that they're very striking and very strong, and to say each one of these sides might be better of without the other." We are aware of these differences and perhaps one day we'll learn to live with them, without imposing a regions will upon the other or we'll maybe divorce. Though, if that does happen, maybe the Southern states should not reuse their 1860s name. Now rebels and Yankees, here are other news you need to know:

  • The Democrats have officially put marriage equality in their party platform! Since traditionally blue states will be voting on marriage equality soon, we'll see whether this decision helps or doesn't.
  • Protests in Lebanon continue against anal probes suspected gay men must endure to prove their homosexuality. The arrests of 36 men at a movie theater in late July has galvanized the movement there and has led to some support by other groups in Lebanon.
  • Move over Duggars, there's another family with many children, except the parents are two gay men. The Hams and their twelve children face a lot of legal hardship in their home state of Arizona but that won't prevent them from being a family.
  • While the Hams legally bring their family together, one couple in Colombia awaits for its case to be reviewed by that country's highest court. The decision would bring their family closer to legal recognition and move LGBT rights in Latin America forward.
  • I love it when Republicans flip-flop! The GOP yet again demonstrates just how versatile they are by saying Romney will do great in foreign affairs despite not knowing much. But four years ago they seemed to have a problem with lack of experience.
  • Should Jonathan Merrit have been outed the way he was? The man who pushed him out of the closet writes about how they met and how he feels after the blog entry that, he fears, may have destroyed Merrit's life.
  • The Crossdressing Room. An exploration of gender performance and nonconformity from one person's personal experiences.

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