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Total Recall Edition [What You Need to Know]

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total_recall.jpegI've always heard, from my mother, relatives and one of my history professors, that Latin American countries tend to forget the past rather quickly. A dictator deposed not so long ago becomes a national hero. History escapes the minds of everyone and Americans are not impervious to it.

In fact, as Andrew O'Hehir explains in his piece 'Total Recall' and America's False-Memory Syndrome, Americans have fallen ill to historical amnesia, deluding themselves into wanting a country that never existed and won't exist anytime soon. We have all become its victims and both parties do little to help rid us of the manufactured visions of America. However, while those considered liberals or progressives see hope in Obama, promising to guide the country into an inevitable future, conservatives cling unto the idea that Romney will return the country to a mythological racially-caste and moral country that never existed.

Our selective remembrance of history does little to move the country forward and enlighten the electorate. This and other important news you need to know:

  • Again Americans suffer because of guns. A gunman opened fire yesterday at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. The reasons for the attack remain under investigation; however, it has been confirmed that seven people are dead, including the gunman. Two police officers have been injured, one critically. Not even a month after the mass shooting in Aurora, CO, the country has fallen victim to mass gun violence. Will anyone stand up against the gun lobby? Doubtful.
  • Buzzfeed recounts a brief history of violence against Sikhs in the United States. It's sad and pathetic, to say the least, that Americans aren't informed enough to distinguish between two different religious groups.
  • Ever heard of Current TV? Over the last couple of years this cable network has grown from a small company with a few smattering of smart and quirky shows - InfoMedia was my favorite. However, now the network airs informative shows and an award-winning documentary series. Learn how the network came to be and why it has so many politicians as hosts.
  • Are America's Olympians patriotic enough? This is what Fox News pundit David Webb asks. Apparently playing for your country in the world's greatest sporting event isn't enough. We must instill an obsessive, nationalistic pride into our Olympians to show everyone else how great America is. Oh wait, I think someone else tried that...
  • Since his party is actually restricting voting for many Americans. Romney thought it'd be a good idea to charge the Obama administration with depriving military personnel of early voting when the Obama administration is really doing something else. Blaming the Obama administration with what the GOP is actually doing isn't going to work for much longer.
  • There's more to Jonah Lehrer's plagiarism scandal than I thought. Aside from fabricating Bob Dylan quotes and reusing his own work, Lehrer also made up interviews and left various mistakes on his pieces. Though Americans rarely scrutinize a journalist or writer's prose and genuinely question his or her ethics, I hope Lehrer's case is one of the few.

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