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The Speech I Wish the President Would Give (But He Won't)

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While President Obama and the Democratic National Convention have firmly tacked left with their embrace of same-sex marriage and support for ENDA, there's a position I'd give just about anything to hear the Presidential campaign throw their weight behind.

It's an issue close to the hearts and wallets of many Americans, and one that the new GOP platform attacks, using language written by none other than radical anti-LGBT hate-group president Tony Perkins.

Allow me to to indulge an Aaron Sorkin fanboy dream, and show you the speech I'd like to hear from President Obama:

My fellow Americans,

Our great nation is the freest on Earth. Through the centuries, America has stood as a beacon of liberty, opportunity, democracy, and yes, responsibility, in an often dark and unjust world.

What America has never been, is a place where everyone agreed with one another. As Americans we have to accept that while our neighbors have beliefs and make choices in their lives that we may disagree with, we are still neighbors and fellow citizens.

As a father, the proliferation of internet pornography is troubling to me. I worry, as I think many parents do, about how I can protect my children from encountering images and themes of sexuality that they aren't ready for.

But that's where parental responsibility has to come in! Michelle and I monitor the girls' internet activity, and even in the White House, the computers have software that lets us control where the girls can go online.

The truth ladies and gentlemen, is that the vast majority of Americans consume pornography over the internet. These aren't deviants and criminals either, overwhelmingly they are moral, upstanding, law-abiding citizens, contributing to a multi-billion dollar segment of our national economy.

My opponent and his party want to dramatically curtail what amounts to a simple diversion enjoyed by hard working Americans everywhere. They are so out of touch with the lives of ordinary people, that they had the leader of a nationally recognized hate group write language that promises to criminalize everyday people for their internet habits into the Republican Party platform.

This is not what it means to be a free nation.

Freedom means accepting that what consenting adults do together, as long as their actions aren't hurting anyone, should be free from government interferrence.

During my second term I will instruct my Department of Justice to renew their focus on producers of exploitive and inhuman material, particularly the disgraceful exploitation of children. I will also see to it that the DOJ puts in place clear guidelines to ensure that pornographic content on the internet is being made in ethical and consensual ways, regardless of the illusion being depicted.

What my Department of Justice will not do is pursue and prosecute the makers and consumers of legitimate forms of internet pornography, even though I personally find the entire business distasteful.

Being a country built on freedom isn't always easy, but it is always essential to our way of life.

Of course, President Obama will never give that speech, and not just because I'm no Aaron Sorkin either.

Over the last few months, we've seen the President and his campaign come out strongly for personal freedom, particularly those close to the LGBT community's heart (I'm still waiting on a full throated embrace of the 2nd Amendment), and that's been amazing to see. For the first time in far too long, the Democrats aren't apologizing or shying away from the things that set them apart from their conservative opponents.

In my book, that's half the battle for the soul of the party. Now the President needs to go on the offensive, hard against the extremism and anti-American ideals that have found their way into the Republican platform.

Warning people that Mitt Romney is after their porn would be no bad place to start.

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