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Charlie Crist's Closet Is About to Shatter

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Charlie Crist Comes Out...How many new rumors every month can be started about the alleged homosexuality and gay trysts of the former Florida governor, Charlie Crist?

Well, the newest ones are emerging again because Crist has abandoned those supporters who used to defend him in the Republican Party.

Last week Crist endorsed President Obama over Mitt Romney, and that came on the heels of him backing Democratic U. S. Senator Bill Nelson for re-election.

Forever an opportunist who has moved from one state job to another, it's beginning to look like a ploy to transition himself as a Democrat, enabling him to run for governor again, but this time on a new ticket.

Republican operatives are sticking it to Crist big time. For one, Roger Stone has been relentless. The libertarian bad boy of Republican dirty tricks politics has cut Crist up brutally this week on Twitter.

"I pray Charlie Crist runs for Governor. Even Rick Scott can beat his ass," he said. And in another tweet wrote, "Fake wife. Fake tan. Fake Republican."

It was followed by an unkinder post, "What's next ? Official "Charlie Crist for Governor 2014 cockrings?" Then, mentioning the adult strip clubs available to Republican convention-goers, he noted Crist would be "more likely to be at...ah...other clubs."

Stone was probably thinking of places like The Green Iguana, a gay bar that a young Charlie Crist regularly patronized as a young Republican staffer in the early 1990s.

Years later, as a journalist for The New Times, Bob Norman went down a number of avenues outing Crist, right down to interviewing a former staffer who said they had sex together. But like Teflon, nothing stuck to the silver haired chameleon, who eventually married.

Then came Kirby Dick's 2008 documentary, Outrage, where the film all but insisted Crist was living in a glass closet. Even when I published the Express Gay News a decade ago, we tried to put our finger on Crist, but could not quite land the absolute truth. The Governor refused interviews with the South Florida Gay News, and I was pointedly told he did not want to have to answer pointed gay questions from a gay newspaper. You figure out why.

Crist has fought the gay rumors right up until today, and not just by marrying a wealthy socialite. It seems whenever these allegations come to light, on his own, Crist will just pick up the phone and call a radio talk show host, friendly to him, of course, and deny them. But he never called my radio show, and I asked his staff a dozen times. You figure out why.

The newest stories involve a sordid tale of Crist delivering a U.S. Senate seat to George LeMieux in order to cover up an attempted liaison with some big shot Republican leader now facing federal fraud charges. The recent revelations also claim that Crist paid paramours to leave the state rather than come out about these affairs. It's juicy gossip stuff for sure, but is Crist yesterday's news? I called his office. He did not answer. You figure out why.

If you are human, think of this man as you would an addicted soul. If he is really gay and has covered it up with lies and payoffs, he is the fool bearing the baggage and carrying the freight. It is his life he is ruining, his own soul he is denying. It's a weight no one should carry.

Back when he was a governor opposing gay adoption, or a U.S. Senatorial candidate fighting equal rights legislation for the LGBT community, all this mattered. Now though, who really cares what he thinks? He's just another ex-politician caught up in this week's scandal with an old law partner he got richer with. Screw both of them. Who is going to support him on any ticket with pay offs and bribes swirling around him? If party politics allows him to become next year's Democratic darling, it will show what whores they are too.

Crist has always called these stories "a bunch of delusional lies," but both the gay and mainstream press is still writing about them. The names of alleged former partners like Jason Wetherington and Bruce Carlton Jordan have been resuscitated. Actually, maybe "regurgitated" is more like it. These are guys who purportedly bragged about bedding Crist one day, and denied it the next. Wetherington stands steadfast today that none of the allegations about him and the governor were true, but how many more names have yet to emerge?

Still, let's open up the other door. What if he never was gay? What if we have been playing this gay vanity game where we just assume every tall, well-groomed, good-looking man is a friend of Dorothy? And what if he had a couple of drink-induced late night affairs with guys? So what? Should we care anymore? I hope not.

Now that Crist is on the verge of switching political teams, a lot of players who ran protection for him may no longer do so. Politics is brutal. Those who have been playing cover up for Crist for the past decade may be the ones coming out of the closet now.

If that's the case, watch out Charlie, because you will have to make the decision of your life. You will have to own up to who you were and what you are, or endure an endless series of denials. Give Anderson Cooper a call, okay? It won't hurt.

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