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I'd Never Thought of It that Way [Comment of the Week]

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The "comment of the week" is a little different this time around. It's actually three comments and they don't disagree with each other.

Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgDrew Cordes wrote a three part series using the classic movie Lawrence of Arabia as an allegory for transgender people's lives. It is, hands down, one of the top ten pieces written for Bilerico Project.

Writing a series is a tough prospect for a blog writer. You have to count on the reader to remember to come back for the next installment and some people automatically don't want to read something that doesn't have a firm conclusion.

On the other hand, publishing an in-depth and lengthy essay as one big post has its own difficulties. The majority doesn't spend long on any page on the internet before clicking off in an ADD orgy. Without subheadings, graphics, or other ways to break the text, your reader is gone within a few sentences. It has to look readable and not formidable.

Three of our readers made it through the entire series and were just as enthusiastic as I am.

Liz LaVenture · Top Commenter · San Francisco, California
As I said, excellent job with this Drew Cordes. The points at which you stop and draw parallels to our lives are spot-on. I found myself saying ;" Uh-huh" and nodding as I read. Thank you

tasidevil (signed in using yahoo)
I saw the movie in the original and several times since and never really thought of the allegories with being trans. Thank you for this wonderful essay and the many parallels that it draws. I'll always see the film again in a new light.

Joani McBride · Top Commenter · Ladies Who Lunch at Retired
Wonderful post Drew! I could see me again and again, just as Liz said. Very powerful.

If you need to catch up, you can hit the links below. You won't be sorry. Obviously.

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