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Reunion Edition [What You Need to Know]

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House Party.jpgHigh school isn't for the faint of heart. It eventually ends for us physically, if not figuratively. However, for the alumni of one Louisiana high school, yesteryear's cliques haven't lost their charm, or color.

Graduates from the St. Martinville Senior High School Class of 1973 are invited to commemorate their 40th class reunion under the condition that the after-party be an affair for whites only. Right after the football team's homecoming game, the official invitation lists a house party, hosted by a former classmate requesting those in attendance "bring your own refreshments and food dish (to share)" ... with "white graduates only."

But, to be fair, reunion organizers haven't hosted a desegregated event before today. Even the election of President Barack Obama four years ago in our nation's single-largest popularity contest didn't end the time-honored tradition of racial prejudice.

For those of us not voted Most Likely to Secede, here's what you need to know:

  • Band members Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool of Green Day apologized to their Italian fans for skipping last Friday's I-Day Festival in Bologna after a sudden illness left their openly bisexual lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, hospitalized.

  • Mormon-owned NBC affiliate KSL-TV might be pulling the plug upon the loving gay couple at the center of The New Normal, but that hasn't short-circuited efforts by GLAAD, Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center putting the "post-modern family" into the Beehive State's spotlight.

  • Brazilian gay couples recently received a bundle of joy from their country's social security agency in the form of a four-month "maternity" leave for expecting fathers.

  • Yaoi 911 illustrator Alex Wolfson expertly incorporates elements from The Terminator and The Bodyguard for the taut, erotic (and obviously NSFW webcomic) thriller, Artifice; giving us a deeper insight into the Stockholm syndrome that brings a boy and male cyborg together robosexually.

  • Clorox employees believe the love between two people, gay or straight, shouldn't be sanitized.

  • MTF transgender Pakistanis inhabit a unique in-between, navigating a culture that treats them as both symbols of fortune and failure.

  • It's a regret of mine that, growing up, I wasn't always the best older brother I could be. Perhaps I could learn from one man's unapologetic embrace of his gay younger brother on Facebook in the face of one "friend's" bigotry?

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