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Ellyn Bogdanoff Doesn't Care About LGBT Kids (or Voters)

Filed By Michael Emanuel Rajner | October 28, 2012 11:00 AM | comments

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Ellyn Bogdanoff - Wilton Manors early voting 2012For the first day of early voting in Florida, voters lined up and wait up to 5 hours on lines to send a message to the Republican dominated Florida legislature that they will not suppress their vote. Earlier this year, the Florida Republicans shorten the amount of time voters can early vote.

Yesterday for the first day of early voting, I volunteered at the Wilton Manors City Hall early voting site to campaign for Florida State Senator Maria Sachs. The line maintained a steady 300 voters waiting for up to 3 hours to cast their ballot.

I was shocked to see Florida Republican State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff sheepishly engage only with the few heterosexual voters in line. Voters knew all too well that in 2006 when Bogdanoff served in the Florida State House of Representatives she blocked efforts to include enumerated protected classes as part of the state's anti-bully law. State Representative Ken Gottlieb, a Democrat and attorney, led the effort to argue the need for the state legislature to include protected classes that include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Bogdanoff had no problem throwing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students under the bus and ignoring the fact that LGBT people are targeted more than any other population for bullying and discrimination.

Ellyn Bogdanoff - shameWhile it isn't shocking news for a Republican to block LGBT-inclusion, I found it outrageous given she is the mother of a gay child. Bogdanoff willfully ignored the unique potential hardship her own gay child and his peers face on a daily basis. Spineless Bogdanoff refused to use this as an opportunity to advance equality for her own son. Its no wonder why she held her head down in shame while in Wilton Manors yesterday.

Even worse, in 2008 when Bogdanoff was asked her position on the adoption of children, she barked back at Tony Man, SunSentinel's political reporter, this is not an issue that voters care about. Well clearly it wasn't an issue the mother of a gay child cared about either. It's repulsive for Bogdanoff to rob her own gay child of the possible dream of one day adopting a child lingering in the foster care system - or even getting married - in a state where she serves in the Republican dominated leadership.

Should Florida's ban on gays and lesbian adopting children be repealed?

"What do these issues have to do with, why does everybody always pick up the most controversial issues? I told you what the public cares about."

South Florida, the choice is clear for this year's battle for Florida Senate District 34. We must re-elect Florida State Senator Maria Sachs - a champion for equality.

Maybe Bogdanoff is hoping to pray away the gay?

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