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The Red Kettle Menace Rises [Comment of the Week]

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I haven't had a chance to write much over the past few weeks thanks to daily jury duty and several big consulting clients that required all the hours I had left in the evenings. One of the stories I've wanted to follow up on is the Salvation Army's anti-gay history.

Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgLast year's post, however, has come roaring back thanks to social media and mentions in other stories about the ongoing campaign. I thought I'd share the last three that have come in. They really sum up the type of audience that's engaging with the post; we're not just preaching to the choir any longer.

Thomas J Garcia
I don't "get" you guys, or understand your lifestyle , I just don't... But I won't support a charity that treats you guys like anything less than Americans. They will never see a dollar from me again.

Bryan Boeve ยท Hope College
Iam so glad I read this, finally an organization that stands up for Gods word. Gods word tells us the truth, how to live, and if you decide to do it our way, then you will suffer the consequences, AIDS, JAIL, ECT........

Robert Griffin
Tell ya'll what - let's just shut down all (outlaw) charities and let the Government take care of everyone. That should settle this bunch of crap for good.

At almost 92k shares on Facebook alone, "Why You Shouldn't Donate to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers" remains one of the most shared and commented on posts in Bilerico history.

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