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Christianists Hate Everyone Edition [What You Need To Know]

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Saying that anti-LGBT activist Bryan Fischer has some out-there views on our community would be an understatement, and surely of no surprise to the vast majority of you. He's frequently denounced as one of the most vocal and extreme anti-LGBT bigots around, who routinely calls LGBT people Nazis and famously has made the assertion that

Stormtroopers, the Brownshirts, were male homosexuals

and that

allowing gay adoption is a form of sexual abuse

However, it's important to remember that beyond being anti-LGBT activist, he's truly a Christianist-activist, whose bigotry extends to all those whose faith and perspectives diverge from his own.

As an American with a non-mainstream faith, some of the things we hear from these sorts of bigot-activists can be terrifying. For instance, Mr. Fischer recently reiterated his conviction that Native Americans have no "moral" claim on the lands stolen from them by settlers and the American government due to their non-Christian beliefs and practices. While there are many people eager to condemn him for his claims that the tragedy in Sandy Hook can be attributed to a lack of mandatory Christian prayer in schools; given the antipathy felt by many within the LGBT community towards faith of any kind, I doubt that many will be as vocal when he targets people of non-Christian faith.

I'm not arguing that everyone hated and opposed by these sorts of bigot-activists should simply put aside our differences, join hands, and sing "We Shall Overcome" together. Even if I felt that was the right course of action, I recognize that it is not feasible. For instance, the Muslim community, a frequent target of Bryan Fischer and his cohorts, and the LGBT community have their own serious differences. While I feel that deeper respect and cooperation between those two groups would be nice, it's also not going to come about simply because we have a shared enemy (and I feel comfortable using that word in reference to Bryan Fischer).

At the same time, statements like his recent ones about Native Americans can serve as a much-needed reminder to LGBT activists and advocates that the hate and bigotry directed towards us by Fischer and his ilk does not exist in a vacuum. It'd be a real mistake to loose sight of where the work opposing our freedom and very existence fits within a broader agenda of radical mono-cultural dominance over American, and perhaps global culture.

And now, here's what you need to know today:

  • Progressive Muslims are working to build an LGBT inclusive model of Muslim life.
  • Former marriage equality opponent David Blankenhorn is forming an LGBT inclusive pro-marriage coalition.
  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia feels that he hasn't given any indication of how he'd rule on marriage equality.
  • With the Boy Scouts of America hinting that they may reverse their position on LGBT scouts and scout leaders, anti-equality forces are wasting no time in expressing their displeasure.
  • In Russia, a celebrated educator has been fired for participating in a pro-gay rights rally.
  • With public opinion on same-sex marriage shifting dramatically in a relatively short time, marriage foes are struggling to raise the money they need to continue their opposition to equality.
  • A new peer-reviewed journal will cover matters related to LGBT health.
  • A coalition of some of the most influential LGBT rights organizations are calling for an LGBT inclusive immigration reform bill.
  • In light of a friendship with a prominent gay activist, is the president of Chick-Fil-A reconsidering his company's stance on LGBT rights?
  • Citing "safety" among their reasoning, Catholic Charities of Colorado say that even if Colorado implements same-sex marriage, they will remain unwilling to place adoptive children with LGBT families.
  • In what has to be one of the stranger briefs filed with Supreme Court this century, the Westboro Baptist Church has filed an amicus brief in the Proposition 8 case.
  • If Alabama wants to join the 21st century, they need to revise their sex-education standards and policies.
  • PolitFact has ruled that NOM's anti-equality ad in Rhode Island entitled "The Big Lie" is exactly that, rating the claims it makes as "pants on fire," the most enthusiastic level of condemnation the organization gives out.
  • Towleroad has the story of an incredible project by a high-school senior, who has made a 90min video of gay men spanning the age spectrum, talking about their experiences coming out.
  • More than 20 co-sponsors in the Maryland senate have introduced a comprehensive trans* anti-discrimination bill.
  • After voting down a same-sex marriage bill, a Wyoming House committee advanced a bill to institute domestic partnerships with some of the same rights as marriage. There is also a sexual orientation non-discrimination bill pending, but if passed, it would not provide protections on the basis of gender identity or presentation.
  • After making headlines with his inspring coming out, a young man gets a surprise visit from George Takei during his appearance on Anderson Cooper's show.

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