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Distracted Winter Edition [What You Need To Know]

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bigstock-Sleeping-kitten-21333002.jpgSorry WYNTK fans, I won't be gracing you with any of my usual insights today. I have a lovely young man staying the night (I write the What You Need To Know the night before) and my beloved partner has given us the bedroom for the evening (yay for having a guest room and awesome partner). So in a choice between sleeping in the arms of a delightful new crush, or writing a good daily essay, I've chosen the greater, but far more enjoyable of two evils. Sorry.

So with that I'm off, and here's what you need to know today:

  • The ever fabulous George Takei on why high-profile people coming out still matters.
  • Lindy West over at Jezebel has a good summary of how the recent transphobic clusterfuck in The Observer and The Guardian came about, and why it's so problematic. With humorous GIFs to make it a bit more palatable to read.
  • Oxford University's renowned debating society is catching criticism for inviting a trio of famed homophobes, including the truly unhinged Scott Lively of gays-caused-the-holocaust fame, for a debate on LGBT adoption.
  • It looks like police in Britain may be collecting DNA from older gay men who were convicted under now-repealed laws against homosexual conduct.
  • I guess I was the last person who didn't already know, but Hollywood actor Victor Garber of Titanic and Alias fame (among others) has come out officially as being in a same-sex relationship.
  • DC police are investigating a street assault that included homophobic slurs as a possible hate crime.
  • Wyoming GOP state representative Keith Gingery is co-sponsoring a bipartisan marriage equality bill, saying "It's hard for anyone to be against gay marriage when there's a face to it and that face is a friend or relative..."
  • Over at HRC's NOM Exposed, Jeremy Hooper lays out what he says "...might be the most shocking thing I have ever seen NOM do" and given that Jeremy follows anti-LGBT activists as a big part of his career, that's really saying something.
  • Clair Potter from Tenured Radical has written probably my favorite critique of Jodi Foster's coming out.
  • A man who was caught spray painting anti-gay graffiti at the University of California - Berkeley has been charged with a hate crime.
  • Former Virginia Democratic senator Chuck Robb reflects on his vote and floor speech against DOMA. He was the only Southerner to vote against it.
  • Sweden has finally done away with a policy of mandatory sterilization for people seeking gender transition.
  • A trans* man in San Francisco is suing Alliant International University for discrimination and harassment due to his trans* history.
  • The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that a religious objection is not adequate grounds for discriminating against LGBT people.
  • Professor Nancy D. Polikoff of America University has written an informative, if chilling, piece on the history of trans* people in child custody cases.
  • A tiny Kentucky town has become only the fourth place in that state to enact an LGBT rights ordinance.
  • Right-wing hate group the Florida Family Association decided to devote their financial resources to flying an anti-gay banner over a Lady Gaga concert. On the bright side, it's good to know that there are no poor people in Florida anymore, or surely no Christian organization would spend money on this frivolity.
  • Newgrounds has a flash game that beautifully illustrates the experience of gender dysphoria.
  • Finally, a touching new short film draws on real-life experiences of gay people in Hong Kong to illustrate some of the issues the facing that community.

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