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Gay Couple Kicked Out of Bowling Alley

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 10, 2013 3:00 PM | comments

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A gay couple in Plano, Texas, got kicked out of a bowling alley after bigstock-Bowling-7286330.jpgthey asked to switch lanes a few times and...:

Once the couple began to bowl in the new lane, a child from a large group next to them kept bowling in their lane. Lesmes said his partner went up to ask if they could be moved again. When Lesmes saw his partner get upset, he went over to speak to the manager on duty.

The manager was already irritated, Lesmes said, and said they were causing a problem by asking to be moved again. The manager asked if they were professional bowlers. When the couple replied they were not, the manager said the venue was a family environment. Lesmes said he told the manager he was with his family. When the manager asked where they were, Lesmes pointed to his partner and said they were family and wanted to enjoy their evening.

But the manager refused to move them to another lane and told them that they "were not family."

What I don't get is why it matters at all if they're a family (whatever that means). It's probably a "single men shouldn't be allowed near children because we're stupid and think this is a way to prevent child molestation" thing more than a homophobia thing... although the two are closely related.

The company in question has a nondiscrimination policy with the phrase "sexual preference" in it. Good for them. They should add "family status" to the policy, because, heavens to murgatroid, why should a bowling alley care if they're a family.

(Bowling graphic via Bigstock)

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