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Sing-Off: 'Perfect Day'

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Loureedtransformer.jpgFirst off - seeing as so many of my Showtunes Sing-off posts have morphed into Non-Showtunes Sing-offs, I've decided it is time to simplify things.

Second - my extended Bilerico absences have become more frequent thanks to an increased roll at my night job at the 9:30 Club making sandwiches for rockstars - but I promise I am still here.

Moving on from there - I am drawing this week's sing-off from recent record store shopping. I've mentioned before my vintage vinyl collect, and I always have a wish-list of classic albums I'd like to find. I prefer to buy my records from local stores - thanks to a recovered eBay addiction that lead to me purchasing the entire Beatles catalogue on vinyl in one drunken bidding binge. I also love the excitement of the hunt.

One of the tops on my wish-list for the last few years was Lou Reed's Transformer - which is hard as hell to find. However, about three months ago it popped up in the new arrives section at my favorite DC record store - SMASH!. I snatched it up and have played it constantly since - so far without complaint from friends or my partner.

I first became aquatinted with the album thanks to its iconic single "Perfect Day" being featured in everyones favorite heroin themed film - the uplifting Trainspotting starring the forever full-frontal Ewan McGregor. But it was more than dead baby hallucinations and brief Scottish peen that got me going - the soundtrack was kick-ass.

It wasn't until later that I learned the use of "Perfect Day" was because the song was long rumored to be Lou Reed alluding to his on ups and downs with the drug. I just thought it was pretty - but I was only 13 at the time so give me a break.

As far as covers go, there are countless, but I have done my best. Reed's original album version is my favorite by far. I've never been much of a Coldplay fan, but their live cover performed upon request from Reed himself is my #2. My least would be Susan Boyle - though Reed gave her his approval and produced her video. Good for him. Good for her. But all I can imagine is that she is on a Scottish hill singing about heroin, and I just can't take it seriously.

As usual, check out the clips below and let me know who you think did it best. Did I miss someone you think did it better? Leave a link in the comments.

Lou Reed Original w/ Visuals from Trainspotting (1972)

Duran Duran (1995)

Various Artists BBC Charity Single (1997)

Coldplay Live (2006)

Susan Boyle (2010)

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