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Accountability Edition [What You Need To Know]

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It's not been a good couple of days to be a bigot appearing on CNN.

First up, we have Carol Costello pushing back hard against noted bigot-activist Peter Sprigg, who argued during an interview that allowing gay Boy Scout troop leaders would put boys at a heightened risk for molestation.

Then watch Brooke Baldwin and John Berman of CNN's Starting Point shoot down similar points put forth by Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Hopefully this is the clear start of a growing trend. For too long, Christianist bigots have been allowed to spout off whatever baseless propaganda and junk science they choose under the guise of networks providing "balance." With national opinions shifting rapidly on queer/LGBT equality, it would seem that the public may be loosing their stomach for the sorts of claims historically made by these sorts of right-wing representatives.

Into this changing media landscape, GLAAD has put together perhaps one of the most useful tools available to the public and media. The Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) delegitimizes people like Peter Sprigg by compiling a detailed and thoroughly cited record of their most outlandish and uncivilized public statements. These records can then easily be referenced by researchers for programs like the ones in the preceding two videos.

Outside of a certain not-so-fair-and-balanced network, I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more bigots being held accountable for the radical rubbish that comes out of their mouths every time they get infront of TV cameras in months to come.

And on that hopeful note, here's what you need to know today:

  • World-class pianist Sara Buechner has written a moving piece on her transition journey and how it impacted her stateside career.
  • A bill has been re-introduced in the House of Representatives that would allow US citizens to sponsor same-sex partners for citizenship.
  • Despite having a long way to go, same-sex marriage in Illinois has moved one step closer to a reality.
  • Passing primarily on the strength of Lib Dems and Labor support, the UK House of Commons decisively passed a same-sex marriage bill. Although it still needs to clear the House of Lords, marriage equality in the United Kingdom now looks highly likely.
  • The first line of lingerie by and for trans* women has been launched.
  • Despite having participated for the last three years, a Vietnamese gay and lesbian coalition has been asked not to march in Westminster California's massive Tet Parade.
  • Tackling anti-LGBT bias crimes in Alabama.
  • Police have released a sketch of a suspect in the recent anti-gay hate crime at UCLA.
  • The Crown Princess of Sweden made a surprise appearance to give out that country's "Gay of the Year" award.
  • A group of Christian students at Swarthmore College penned a heartfelt letter to the community affirming their support for queer/LGBT students, and their belief that they "...believe that God created human identity to be diverse, and that this diversity includes gender and sexual orientation. "
  • A practitioner of reparative therapy who claimed to be able to change people's sexual orientation has been sentenced to five years in prison for molesting his patients.
  • Although the Defense of Marriage Act limits what can be offered, the US Military has announced that spouses of same-sex service-members will be entitled to a number of the privileges enjoyed by heterosexual spouses.
  • Once you post something on the internet, it never goes away. Just witness the racist rant posted by an Oregon bakery that turned away a lesbian couple who'd been looking for a wedding cake.
  • While insisting that marriage should remain confined to opposite sex couples only, the Vatican is giving indications that it may be softening its position on same-sex families.
  • I personally adore author, blogger, and SFWA President John Scalzi. The Raw Story has a great summation of John's brilliant new idea for deal for dealing with bigoted trolls.
  • Photographer iO Tillett Wright talks about her own exploration of gender, awakening to the idea that as a queer/LGBT person she's a minority in America, and using art for activism in the pursuit of equality:

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