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Blackface: Still Racist Y'all

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Mollena Williams is an Alternative Sexuality Educator, writer, activist, Fat Fetish Model, performer, submissive and slave. Despite empirical evidence suggesting she is a foolhardy Pollyanna, she fucking loves life and lives as loudly as possible.


This is in response to the horrifying choice of the gay leather bar, the Portland Eagle to book Chuck Knipp, a racist who tucks his bigotry and sexism into the alter-ego “Shirley Q. Liquor,” a slanderous caricature of Black women.

Here is a clip of this racist bullshit, if you care to look.

The Eagle posted the announcement on Facebook. There were, of course, people with intelligence, wisdom, empathy and common sense who protested. Troublingly, the Eagle’s first response was to defend the show as “comedy.” The second response was to invite people to see the show for themselves and “dialogue about the different opinions” thereafter.

Thank you for inviting me to be humiliated so you can further erase me by telling me how I should feel about your fucking racist bullshit. Can you also just cut to the chase and spit in my face?

Most troubling was the flagrant and grotesque commentary from people who saw fit to negate the experience of Black Women and tell me how I should feel.

Editor's Note: Mollena's post continues after the break in video form - NSFW (language).

The show has been canceled.

And the damage has been done.

And blackface is racist.

And if you think it is funny, guess what? You are engaging in racism.

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