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Playing Catch Up Edition [What You Need To Know]

Filed By E. Winter Tashlin | February 22, 2013 10:00 AM | comments

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Thumbnail image for Sick little manI'm at long last returned from Washington DC, where in addition to working long hours helping run a 1250 person sex and kink event, I also got a chance to sit down to lunch with Bil, Jerame, and Drew Cordes.

Unfortunately, I've once again come down with a pretty severe case of asthmatic bronchitis, which is why I wasn't up to doing a WYNTK on Wednesday.

Still, I've dragged myself out of bed (ok, to a sitting up postion) and put together some links to help you catch up on what you need to know today:

  • The Respect for Marriage Coalition is retooling their pro-marriage ads after former first lady Laura Bush objected to the inclusion of past comments she'd made in support of marriage equality.
  • Writing in The American Conservative former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman argues that the GOP has to embrace marriage equality if it hopes to remain relevant.
  • Is Batwoman getting married to a women enough to distract attention from DC Comics' choice to hire an infamous homophobe and anti-equality activist to write Superman?
  • The owner of a Mississippi newspaper has responded with class to objections raised after his paper published a story about the first same-sex wedding in the area.
  • Indonesia now has what is believed to the first elder home for trans* people.
  • The Academy Awards, despite sometimes being referred to as the "Gay Superbowl," still has some work to do towards LGBT inclusivity.
  • Glen Weldon has put together a strong list of LGBT themed comic books.
  • The US State Department is taking a more proactive role in ensuring the wellbeing of LGBT travelers.
  • No one came to the defense of a young gay man attacked on a NYC subway.
  • A reminder of how petty and bigoted theThe Boy Scouts of America can be: in 2012 they terminated a lesbian kitchen employee due to her sexual minority status, from a camp in Michigan, where such an action is perfectly legal.
  • While explaining that gays coming out is an affront against his god, Vision America's Rick Scarborough said that the use the word "gay" rather than "sodomite" is an "abuse of language."
  • Branden Petersen, a Republican state senator in Minnesota may soon become co-sponsor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in that state.
  • Does Orison Scott Card's vocal anti-equality activism pose a threat to an upcoming film adaptation of his Sci-fi classic Ender's Game?

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