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Sing-Off: 'Across the Universe'

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LetItBe.jpgThanks to my father I grew up with the Beatles, and they are still my favorite band of all time. I own their completely catalog on vinyl after an eBay bidding spree that my partner was not happy about - though he has yet to complain about the music.

One of my most favorite Beatles' classics is "Across the Universe." Whenever I hear it (depending on the artist who is singing it) I still tear up. Not out of sadness - just moved by its beauty.

I've been stuck in my apartment for the last two weeks thanks to a minor illness, and I am having a blue day - so this seemed the perfect sing-off. Everyone needs to cry a few things out every once in awhile.

There are limitless covers of this song. It is hard to top the original, but I think Fiona Apple and Rufus Wainwright come closest. Though I love Bowie - his voice just doesn't seem completely right for this song. The live version with Rufus, Sean Lennon, and Moby always succeeds in bringing on the water works - even though Moby sounds a bit off.

The All-Star cover from the 2005 Grammy Awards has an impressive line-up, but it's not my favorite. I loved the movie Across the Universe and the way they worked the song into the film is perfect - and Jim Sturgess proves he can do more than just act.

As always, let me know who you think did it best. Did I leave someone out? Post a link in the comments.

The Beatles (1969)

David Bowie (1975)

Fiona Apple (1998)

Rufus Wainwright (2002)

Rufus Wainwright, Sean Lennon, & Moby

Multiple Artists - 2005 Grammy Awards

Jim Sturgess (2007)

(img src)

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