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Fitch the Homeless: A Helpful Protest

Filed By Bil Browning | May 15, 2013 2:00 PM | comments

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An interview Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries did with Salon back in 2006 has found new life on the intertubes mememobile over the past couple of weeks. Abercrombie-models-3.jpegThe founder of the popular clothing line told the outlet that the company doesn't make XL or XXL sizes for female customers because they don't want "ugly" people wearing their clothes.

Unfortunately for Jeffries, honesty is not a virtue when it comes to brand marketing. Outrage over his statements shook the web to its core (albeit a few years after the fact) and now there are petition, indignant tweets, and disapproving Facebook postings galore.

I'll admit, mostly I shook my head and wondered how people could be so dumb they'd give the chain free publicity that's about as positive as it is negative. After all, what message was sent to teens other than "Even if I'm the ugliest person in the world, if I'm skinny Abercrombie clothes will make me cool!" or "Obviously the cool kids are wearing A&F!"? Feel bad about denigrating plus size women all you want, but teenagers still want to look cool.

This anti-Abercrombie action intrigues me though. Not only does it allow the participant to feel good about themselves for sticking it to the clothing chain, it actually does something positive for the less fortunate.

What do you think? Gonna make a donation? I would, but I gave away the few A&F shirts I owned a few years ago before it was a protest statement. After all, you don't need outrage to prod you to help the homeless.

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