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Hawaii's Catholic Bishop: Equal Marriage = Persecution

Filed By John M. Becker | August 27, 2013 10:00 AM | comments

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"Would people who firmly believe that God made us male and female, and that God has revealed that homosexual ACTS are sinful be allowed to hold such beliefs? Or would they have to be 're-educated' to think as 'normal' people think? Would churches that refuse to celebrate same-sex marriage because of deeply held religious convictions be deprived of the freedom to live those convictions? Would Christians, Muslims, and others who believe that homosexual ACTS are contrary to God's law (the law that governs those whom God himself has created in such wonder) be persecuted for holding on to those beliefs that have been so sacred to us for centuries? Will the religious freedom we treasure be only a paper freedom, while we will be told what we may or may not believe?"

-- Larry Silva, Roman Catholic Bishop of Honolulu, Hawaii, parroting baseless anti-equality talking points in an "urgent letter" to the state's Catholics last week. Silva also equated marriage equality with polygamy, incest, and pedophilia.

The bishop's letter came in response to an announcement by Governor Neil Abercrombie that he would "very likely" call a special session of the legislature this fall to consider a marriage equality bill.

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