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Liz Cheney Is a Horrible Sister & Terrible Person

Filed By Bil Browning | August 31, 2013 1:30 PM | comments

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"Liz's insistence that nuh uh, she so does NOT heart gay marriage wouldn't be necessary if voters were not receiving mysterious polling questions about how she "aggressively promotes gay marriage," but since Enzi's team -- sorry, we mean some mysterious "dirty tricks ... push poll" outfit (but wait, we thought Republicans love dirty tricks push polls!) that probably has nothing whatsoever to do with Enzi's campaign AT ALL -- went there, well, Liz has no choice but to assure voters that she does TOO hate gay marriage. Which makes her a terrible person, of course, which we already knew because she is a Cheney, after all, but it also makes her a real cunt of a sister, considering her own sister is gay married -- to a gay lady! Because seriously, what kind of horrible, evil, do-not-pass-GO-do-not-collect-$200-just-burn-directly-in-HELL person are you if you are running for office on a platform of being NOT pro your own sister's marriage?

"Oh, that's right. She's a Cheney. Duh."

-- Wonkette after Liz Cheney announced that she is not in favor of marriage equality in a campaign statement. Cheney is running to be the next Republican senator from Wyoming. Of course, Liz's lesbian sister, Mary, worked for Coors beer while it was under a gay boycott and then turned around to work on the Bush/Cheney campaign that used anti-LGBT prejudice to take the White House. If Mary is willing to sell out her own life for partisan politics, we shouldn't be surprised when her sister does the same thing.

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