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Regnerus Testifying Against Marriage Equality in Michigan

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mark_regnerus.jpgLast month, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman announced that next February he will hear arguments in a lawsuit filed by a Michigan lesbian couple seeking to overturn the state's constitutional marriage discrimination amendment.

CBS Detroit reported that Friedman "won't make a decision without hearing testimony from experts on whether there's a legitimate state interest" in excluding same-sex couples from marriage.

On Friday, the state of Michigan released its list of the "expert witnesses" it intends to call as it argues against the freedom to marry. Unsurprisingly, each "expert" is an opponent of same-sex marriage. And guess who the most prominent name on Michigan's list is? Why, discredited researcher-turned-anti-equality activist Mark Regnerus, of course!

Regnerus is the conservative sociologist behind the New Family Structures Study, a junk-science hit piece that falsely claims that children of same-sex couples do worse than children raised by opposite-sex couples. The study was financed by far-right anti-gay groups in an attempt to derail the marriage equality movement.

While Regnerus's study has been thoroughly denounced by the mainstream academic and scientific communities, it's been warmly embraced by opponents of LGBT rights and cited in Supreme Court briefs, legislative hearings, and anti-gay laws in the United States, France, Russia, and Croatia.

As Bilerico readers may be aware, I am currently suing the University of Central Florida, with the help of the Human Rights Campaign, for access to public records relating to Regnerus's "study." UCF houses the journal where the study was published. The court ruled that the university had to furnish the records by November 14, but UCF has so far refused to do so. My attorney, Andrea Mogensen, filed a motion for contempt last week.

Michigan's witness list is after the jump, along with video of Mark Regnerus testifying against marriage equality in Hawaii.

2:12-cv-10285 #95 by Equality Case Files

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