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Pope Francis Reportedly 'Shocked' By Gay Adoption Bill

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francis-advocate-noh8.jpgSurprise, surprise: Pope Francis -- the Catholic leader who's received applause, accolades, and breathless, pearl-clutching adulation throughout the Western world for making a few token nice-sounding statements about LGBT people -- hasn't changed his anti-gay beliefs at all.

From the Times of Malta:

The Pope is "shocked" by Malta's Civil Unions Bill, which will allow gay couples to adopt children, Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna has told The Sunday Times of Malta.

Defending his decision to use his Christmas homily to reiterate that a family had to be built around a man and a woman, Mgr. Scicluna said he had aired these concerns with Pope Francis when he met him on December 12.

"We discussed many aspects...and when I raised the issue that's worrying me as a bishop [the right for gay couples to adopt] he encouraged me to speak out," Bishop Scicluna said.

Of course, by "surprise, surprise" I mean I told you so. Remember, despite his nice-sounding words, Francis has made no substantive changes to the Catholic Church's relentlessly anti-LGBT teachings. He hasn't apologized for or walked back his vile claim that the marriages of same-sex couples are Neolithic tools of Satan... or his lie about how same-sex parenting is harmful to children... or his statement that marriage equality is a "scheme to destroy God's plan." And don't forget that, as I and others reported last fall, Pope Francis's Vatican actually excommunicated a priest for his support of marriage equality and women's ordination.

"Person of the Year" my ass.

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