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Nigerian Catholic Cardinal Praises Anti-LGBT Law

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nigeria-john-onaiyekan-cardinal.jpgNigeria's draconian new "Jail the Gays" law, which imposes stiff prison sentences for everything from same-sex marriage to LGBT rights advocacy and public displays of same-sex affection, has drawn condemnation from governments and human rights leaders across the globe. But the law is being robustly defended by the country's religious community, including senior officials in Nigeria's Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of the capital city of Abuja, praised the Nigerian government for passing the law and told reporters that leaders should resist international pressure to end Nigeria's persecution of its LGBT community. From PM News:

"The church accepts people as they are, we condemn homosexuality, Nigeria is an independent country and we do not beg for food. We have every right to order our social life in any way we think it should go. Our social life should not be organised on the basis of what others think.

"On this note, I commend our National Assembly and Mr President for resisting all the pressures and enacting a law against homosexuality," [Cardinal Onaiyekan] said.

He stressed that the law prohibiting same sex marriage was a good omen for the country. "Signing the bill into law by President Jonathan in spite of pressures from within and outside the country should be commended by all and sundry."

He said major religions in the country and even the African tradition forbade homosexuality.

Even more ominously, Cardinal Onaiyekan reportedly called for a global uprising of religious people against LGBT people and our human rights:

Onaiyekan frowned at proponents of homosexuality, noting that they had held parts of the world hostage with their evil beliefs for too long. He said it was time for believers in the faith to rise in unison and put the debate of whether governments, globally, should guarantee the rights of gays or not, to rest.

"The world is at crossroads and there is nothing new under the sun. We all know that this is not the first time we have heard about the agitation for gay rights but our position, as a church, has not changed.

"Even when some sections of society view same sex issues as moral disorder acts, homosexuality has not stopped, it still happens in the open around the world. It doesn't mean that it should be accepted."

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Hassan Kukah, joined Cardinal Onaiyekan in praising the anti-gay law:

"I... want to commend the National Assembly for the zeal and enthusiasm with which they passed the bill. As far as I am concerned, anybody who lives in Nigeria and most parts of Africa knows that culturally, religiously and morally, [homosexuality] is not our life and culture."

The situation for LGBT people in Nigeria under the new law has deteriorated at an alarming rate. Local activists report that dozens of suspected homosexuals have been arrested, Sharia law enforcement squads are targeting gays, and at least one man has already been convicted of homosexuality and publicly whipped for his "crime."

That any Catholic official could endorse this barbarism is utterly repugnant. Does this look like the church of "who am I to judge?" to you?

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