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'Right to Discriminate' Bills Introduced in Tennessee

Filed By John M. Becker | February 09, 2014 10:00 AM | comments

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tennessee-antigay.pngLast week, Tennessee joined Arizona, Kansas, and South Dakota as states where Republican legislators are trying to create a special "right" to discriminate against same-sex couples on the basis of religion.

Bills were introduced in the Tennessee House (HB 2467) and Senate (SB 2566) by Republican Rep. Bill Dunn and GOP Sen. Brian Kelsey, respectively. The Tennessee General Assembly website provides the following summary of the bills:

Religion and Religious Organizations - As introduced, permits persons and religious or denominational organizations, based on sincere religious belief, to refuse to provide services or goods in furtherance of a civil union, domestic partnership, or marriage not recognized by the Tennessee Constitution. - Amends TCA Title 4 and Title 36.

Just to make sure we stick it to all those couples celebrating their federally-recognized-but-Tennessee-unrecognized marriages, right? Jesus would be so proud.

h/t: Joe. My. God.

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