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Stewart Slams Fox for Fueling 'Religious Liberty' Panic

Filed By John M. Becker | February 27, 2014 10:00 AM | comments

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stewart-rips-arizona-gayban.pngLast night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart covered the uproar around SB 1062 -- Arizona's proposed LGBT segregation bill -- in what blogger Andy Towle calls "a humorous post-mortem on the state's ridiculous hate theater."

Stewart's merciless satirical ire was far-reaching. He lambasted Arizona politicians for passing the law, playing Anderson Cooper's epic interview with blockheaded GOP state senator and gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin to poke fun at the stupidity of it all. Stewart also aired footage of another Anderson Cooper interview with Republican state senator Steve Pierce, one of three senate Republicans who voted for the bill, then reversed course and urged Brewer to veto it.

Cooper asked Pierce why he regrets voting for SB 1062, and Pierce replied, "It went through really quick. No one really had anything telling me, 'don't do it.' We - several of us - talked . We thought, you know, this isn't good, it's not good for the state. But no one had said anything and we thought, well, we'll just, we'll vote for it... we made a mistake."

So. much. derp!

Stewart called vetoed hate bill "morally repugnant," but noted that none of the anti-SB 1062 Republicans cited that as a reason for their opposition. Still, with so many reasons to oppose the bill, Stewart wondered how it'd gotten so far in the first place. He played a clip of Fox host Megyn Kelly, who had a theory about that very point:

We hear a lot from folks on the religious right who say they feel religion is under attack. And you know, I look at this bill, and I wonder whether this is a reaction -- an overreaction -- to people who feel under attack.

Stewart wondered: "Where would people of faith, where would Arizonans have gotten the idea that religion is under attack in this country?" And then he played a montage of Fox News "War on Christianity" fear-mongering. It was brilliant.

Watch, after the jump.

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