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WATCH: Lesbian Dares Anti-Gay Church to Stone Her

Filed By John M. Becker | March 21, 2014 4:00 PM | comments

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jennifer-louise-lopez-stoning.jpgRemember Pamela Raintree, the trans woman from Shreveport, Louisiana who confronted an anti-LGBT, Bible-thumping city councilman at a public meeting, picking up a stone and daring him to put her to death?

Well, a badass lesbian in New York City did something similar at a homophobic church this week.

ATLAH World Missionary Church, in NYC's Harlem neighborhood, is well-known for being a cesspool of crazy, tinfoil-hat-style anti-LGBT bigotry -- its pastor, James Manning, recently made headlines when he claimed that President Obama had "released the homo demons" on black America and that white gays are stealing black men away from straight black women.

Last week, a disturbing message appeared on ATLAH's outdoor sign: "Jesus would stone homos... stoning is still the law." Manning ranted on YouTube that Christians who refuse to stone LGBT people are "advocating lawlessness."

So Jennifer Louise Lopez (above) decided to see if members of the bigoted church would put their money where their mouths were: she headed over to ATLAH World Missionary Church, knocked on the door, and told the person who answered that she was a lesbian who was here for her stoning.

The bewildered man who answered the door told her that he had no stones on hand and that she'd need to come back the following day, when the person who usually does the stonings would be in the office.

Watch the exchange, after the jump.

It's a funny thing about bullies: when you stand up to them and call their bluff, they very often back down and scurry away with their tails between their legs.

Well done, Jennifer! Brava!

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